Colony Scout is a proposed redesign of the current dragonfly based platform targeted for deployment during the 2010-2011 timeframe. Preliminary design is being handled by for mechanical systems. Prototype testing commenced June 2009. As of 10-05-2010 we are on our 4th major mechanical generation and 3rd major electrical. We are hoping to move into production by March, 2011. From there it will be all about software and getting the 'bots doing interesting tasks.

The design is a 4WD, skid steer (turn in place) platform that extends the functionality of the existing platform. Design goals include a more robust sensor array, increased processing power, and the ability to explore non-level terrain. All systems (hardware & mechanical) would be designed in-house for a complete custom package. Off the shelf components are used where possible to minimize costs and simplify future maintenance. The target price per robot was $400 but PCB costs have pushed the build cost to $550/ea, still a very reasonable price.

What's new?

Tech Colony III Scout
Processor 8MHz 8-bit AVR 600MHz 32-bit ARM9 + 16MHz 8-bit AVR
Rangefinders 5 Position (1.5-12in) IR 48 Position, 360-degree coverage (0-20ft) Sonar
Battery 6.0VDC 2.6Ah NiMH 7.4VDC 3.0Ah Lion
Locomotion 2 Wheel Differential Drive 4WD Skid Steer
Ground Clearance None 1.34" Clearance with Rocker Pivot to conform to terrain
Cliff Detection None 3 Side Drop-off Detection
BOM 16 Point IR 4 Point IR with modulation
Wireless Zigbee, 250kbps, 300 ft range 2.4GHz, 2000kb/s, >300ft range
Charging Removable Integrated homing and charging contacts
Extension None Accessory/Expansion hardpoints and power/data connection
Production Botrics In-house design and manufacturing for full control over device lifetime

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