Production Plan


COMPLETED: See History of this page for records


ESD Protection

  • Need to plan this

Power System/Charging

  • Need to plan this
    • Test batteries (loading, charge cycles, etc.)
    • Test power switching (brownout detection?)
      • Support ACPI? [updated 10-04-2010]
        • No need, gumstix and avr can shut off when power removed without corruption
    • Test motor current draw at (no load, loaded (normal), and stall)
      • Target current limiting is 1.4A per 2 motors (~700mA each) [updated 10-04-2010]
        • Under 15lb loading the (150:1) motors drew <1000mA overall, so this should not be a problem
        • We are switching gearing to (50:1 or 100:1) so the current load could change. Will update when testing is completed.

Chassis/Drive System

  • Tested extensively on carpet, concrete, tile, grass, pebbles, and rock.
    • All tests passed
  • Tested over wires/cables, random clutter, door thresholds, rugs, etc.
    • All tests passed
  • Tested under heavy (over that expected) load (mounted on chassis) and pulling load from rear
    • All tests passed
    • 15lbs carrying, 18lbs pulling on wagons with no additional mass on Scout.
  • Tested driving up an incline, unloaded, at various voltages
    • All tests passed
    • Can climb a 80% grade (40deg slope) unloaded on a painted surface
      • Results from rocky or slippery surfaces (like kitty litter) are inconclusive about slope, but maximum angle is sig. reduced


  • Need to plan this

Final Production


  • Chassis components are waterjet at NREC
  • Acrylic & polypropylene components are laser cut at the Collaborative Machining Center (DH B211)
  • All parts are assembled in the robotics club
    • At this point no specialized tools are required
    • Depending on required volume, may use a hydraulic press to shape the chassis

Board (Scoutfly)

  • Boards will be printed at GoldPhoenix (4 layer board @ $280/155sq inches + fees)
    • At 3.5x4.5", we have 15.75sq inches per board
  • Pick and place at GoldPhoneix?
    • Probably won't do this
      • Require us to purchase and send all components to China for assembly
    • Need to check on cost
    • If we perfect the in-house process, making 10 boards may not be too bad
  • Assembly will be done at the robotics club
    • We have purchased an oven for reflow, and will acquire a kapton stencil for the dev board
    • Still need a stereo microscope

GoldPhoenix Ordering Process

As detailed on
  1. Assuming Gerber files have been generated and passed
  2. Email GoldPhoenix with zip file, must detail layers, board size, silk, soldermask, trace width, etc
  3. After quote comes back, need to pay
    1. Accept american express, or payal -> mastercard, visa, bank account
    2. Extra (3.4% at time of writing) charge for using credit card
    3. Money transfer to their email address ()
    4. Again detail all the specs in the description on the paypal website, and provide the board name and rev number
  4. Print and save confirmation
  5. Email them and tell them you accept the quote and the email address for your paypal account (and that you have paid :))

Board (BreakFly)