Gumstix Configuration

This page is a description of the files in scoutos/scout_gumstix/etc. These should be installed into /etc on the Gumstix filesystem before booting for the first time.

This page is incomplete.

hosts and hostname

These should be changed for every scout to scoutn, where n is a unique number. At the moment it's scout1.


Describes how the filesystems should be mounted. The SD card is mounted on / with noatime, nodiratime, and commit=120, which are meant to reduce erase/write cycles to conserve the SD card's usable life. I don't remember what user_xattr is for.


Runs at the end of the boot sequence. Currently only exports gpio pins. Eventually, this will also start some ROS nodes as scout (NOT as root!).

The file "value" for any exported gpio pins should be owned by the group gpio, and the group should have write permission, so that scout can do gpio.



The magical thing that makes network over USB OTG happen.


Exposes the i2c ports as files in /dev. Reading and writing are normal file operations, but you first have to set the address of the slave device using ioctl. The important port for us is /dev/i2c-3.


Exposes four pwm outputs as files in /dev, pwm8 through pwm11. It must be downloaded from and built.


This is for the serial port connected to the USB on the Tobi dev board. It allows you to log in through that connection.


Sets the group for the /dev/pwm* files to gpio, so scout can write to them.


Lists of sources for apt, which includes the sources.list taken from an Ubuntu image and ros.list, for ROS.