• Colony

    Creating a low-cost homogeneous colony of robots.

  • InfoTron

    A repository of useful knowledge across the disciplines for Roboclubers to use while working.

  • Mechanical Logic Gates

    Building logic gates that work mechanically instead of electrically as educational tools.

    • Documentation

      Please view the wiki for details on the Mobot Tutorial

  • Wishlist

    Report club issues or send in suggestions for things you would like to see here.

  • Quadrotor

    Quadrotor's goal is to design and fly an autonomous quadrotor helicopter indoors using a Kinect sensor.

  • RobOrchestra

    The RobOrchestra Project seeks to create instruments that can not only play themselves, but also work together to create their own music. The ultimate goal is to create a full band, with at least one instrument to cover the roles of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, and Rhythm....

  • Tooltron

    Shop management safety system. Released under the LGPL.

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