From 02/04/2009 to 03/05/2009


10:59 PM Revision 1068: Added replay functionality and command line arguments
-l <filename> log simulation to file [currently make sure file does not
exist, overwriting of files not handled wel...
Andrew Yeager
07:27 PM Revision 1067: Made some additions to rayHits.c
Not really useful, just for me Nico Paris


09:23 PM Revision 1066: Changed the robot dir to drive and added a dir to work on autonomous mapping
Abraham Levkoy


02:46 PM Revision 1065: Fixed race condition in GUI, hopefully.
Brian Coltin


06:32 PM Revision 1064: Cleaned up code, removed all compiler warnings.
Brian Coltin


05:39 PM Revision 1063: added some error checking
Brad Neuman
05:30 PM Task #352 (Wontfix): Research alternatives for xbee dongles
as opposed to us building our own Kevin Woo
05:29 PM Task #319: Talk to Priya About Xbee Dongles
Won't find them ever... Kevin Woo
05:26 PM Enhancement #331: Cleanup on Closure
Kevin Woo
05:22 PM Task #349 (Assigned): Simulator Logging
Kevin Woo
05:22 PM Task #351 (Wontfix): Add bayboard and chargeboard status table
On the front page Kevin Woo
05:18 PM Revision 1062: Small modifications to receive.c, corrected an error
in the ring buffer. Some commenting and cleaning. Justin Scheiner


09:04 PM Revision 1061: Succesfully tested BOM LED current.
John Sexton
08:31 PM Task #343: Determine IR LED Current on BOM Boards
Current for Green LED: 21.78 mA
Current for IR LED: 21.78 mA
Both LEDs run on the same current. Now we can move o...
John Sexton
07:14 PM Revision 1060: Corrected Makefiles to work inside the trunk.
John Sexton
07:03 PM Revision 1059: Moved diagnostic station workspace to trunk.
John Sexton


06:47 PM Revision 1058: Moving Diagnostic Station Workspace from branches to trunk.
John Sexton
06:42 PM Revision 1057: Removed Diagnostic Station Branch. It will be placed into the Trunk.
John Sexton
06:13 PM Revision 1056: sped up simulator!
changed the delay to be less and removed spamming of printfs from
Brad Neuman
05:40 PM Task #350 (Wontfix): Simulating Wireless
Simulate wireless packets on the simulator. Brian Coltin
05:40 PM Task #349 (Wontfix): Simulator Logging
Create a log of the environment, and the robot's positions each timestep. Allow this to be replayed. This should be f... Brian Coltin
05:33 PM Task #348 (Wontfix): Manage Robots through GUI
Add, move and delete robots through the simulator gui. Brian Coltin
05:33 PM Enhancement #347 (Fixed): Deal with speed issues
Make everything run faster and not take up all the CPU. 100 robots at once without a slow down would be nice. Brian Coltin
05:31 PM Task #346 (Fixed): Collisions with Obstacles
Stop the robots from going through obstacles. Brian Coltin
05:30 PM Task #345 (Wontfix): Circles in Environment
Allow the use of circles in addition to polygons in the environment. Brian Coltin
05:27 PM Task #174: BOM 1.5 driver
Doublecheck complete. Robots with the same hex code but different BOM types function correctly. Austin Buchan
05:25 PM Revision 1055: include path was fixed. AVRDUDEPORT was changed to com4 instead of the usb/tty thingy
Austin Buchan
05:24 PM Revision 1054: Added file to check for collisions with circles
Nico Paris
05:23 PM Revision 1053: Updated with fixes to bom.c
Austin Buchan
05:23 PM Revision 1052: only newline differences
Austin Buchan
05:21 PM Revision 1051: Fixed some errors due to BOM being used instead of BOM10
Austin Buchan
04:36 PM Revision 1050: Added code used to turn on BOM LEDs to test the current through the BOM
LEDs. John Sexton
03:54 PM Task #344 (Worksforme): Construct New LED Circuit to Mimic IR LED Current on BOM Boards
Construct new circuit design which should eventually be used to control the IR LED detector/emitter array on the Diag... John Sexton
03:50 PM Task #343 (Fixed): Determine IR LED Current on BOM Boards
Take test board, desolder one green LED, replace with IR LED and put in series with Ammeter, and plug into robot boar... John Sexton
03:24 PM Task #341: Mimic BOM LED Circuit for Diagnostic Station
1) Subtasks-
a. Take test board, desolder one green LED, replace with IR LED and put in series with Ammeter, and plu...
John Sexton
03:01 PM Task #341: Mimic BOM LED Circuit for Diagnostic Station
Task List:
1) Determine IR LED current on the BOM boards
2) Construct new LED circuit to mimic this LED current
John Sexton


07:13 PM Task #342 (Wontfix): Program Robot to Read an Analog Value and Print the Data
Start with some form of analog input into the A/D Converter and use the robot to print this data via USB to a compute... John Sexton
07:07 PM Task #341 (Worksforme): Mimic BOM LED Circuit for Diagnostic Station
Create a small circuit to drive the Infrared LEDs from the Dragonfly board. John Sexton


05:14 PM Enhancement #340 (Fixed): Respin the XBee Dongles
Put ESD? Make it nicer than botrics. Kevin Woo
05:13 PM Task #319: Talk to Priya About Xbee Dongles
Missing, somewhere in a box in the CIC. Kevin Woo
05:11 PM Task #336: Port Old Public Colony Page
Kevin Woo
05:11 PM Task #339 (Fixed): Clean up memory for multiple robots in simulator
Clean up memory for multiple robots in simulator Kevin Woo
05:10 PM Task #333: Simulate Multiple Robots
Kevin Woo
05:09 PM Task #335: Testing new encoder mounts
Kevin Woo
05:09 PM Enhancement #331: Cleanup on Closure
Clean up memory. Kevin Woo
12:13 AM Revision 1049: Robots now draw in correct location.
Brian Coltin
11:19 PM Revision 1048: rangefinders are in fact working now
Ben Poole
10:45 PM Revision 1047: Draws polygons in the environment.
Brian Coltin
10:41 PM Revision 1046: small chnage to motion.c, going forward and backwards should now be consistent
Rich Hong
08:37 PM Revision 1045: added a sample world, updated main to load the sample world
Ben Poole
08:21 PM Revision 1044: added update_rangefinders, which should be enough for the demo tomorrow
Ben Poole


05:51 PM Revision 1043: max_objs is not an argument of load_world. Remove starts_with
Rich Hong
05:24 PM Revision 1042: started working on integrating with rangefinders
Ben Poole
04:23 PM Revision 1041: load world from input file, changed create poly to take an array of doubles
Rich Hong
01:08 PM Revision 1040: added some functions to initialize the world. still needs a lot of work
Ben Poole
10:57 PM Revision 1039: works with 20 robots! but its incredibly slow and destroys computers
also fixed a bug in the robot creation code (it didn't init robots array to -1 after a resize) Brad Neuman


05:35 PM Revision 1038: update to libsim.a to include BOM
David Schultz
05:14 PM Revision 1037: added BOM to libsim and shared library
David Schultz
09:59 PM Revision 1036: Updated Makefile for Diagnostic Station directory. Now have compilable code which ...
John Sexton
09:22 PM Revision 1035: Added newline at the end of the file. Take that, gcc.
Emily Hart
09:12 PM Revision 1034: pictures of environments for test 4-7
Abraham Levkoy
09:03 PM Revision 1033
Abraham Levkoy
08:46 PM Revision 1032: Having trouble with wireless (I think) hopefully this will work by friday.
Justin Scheiner
08:30 PM Revision 1031: Cleaned up Diagnostic Station folder.
John Sexton
08:28 PM Revision 1030: tested a bunch of different environments for mapping
Abraham Levkoy
08:27 PM Revision 1029: Switched wl_init and wl_set_com_port in test.c (again?)
Abraham Levkoy
07:46 PM Revision 1028: Changes all around. Matlab server is now passive, might work soon.
Justin Scheiner


03:39 PM Revision 1027: use abs in stdlib instead of a crappy macro
Rich Hong
03:19 PM Revision 1026: working ray-polygon collisions, but needs a lot of clean up
Ben Poole


05:11 PM Task #338 (Wontfix): Program Bayboard EEPROM
Program the XBee ID's. Kevin Woo
05:11 PM Task #337 (Wontfix): Update Wireless Maximum Number of XBees
Only done in bayboard. Port over to dragonfly. Kevin Woo
05:08 PM Task #319: Talk to Priya About Xbee Dongles
Look through email records and/or the finance page to figure out if they paid or borrowed them. Kevin Woo
05:07 PM Task #336 (Fixed): Port Old Public Colony Page
Port from pmwiki to drupal. Kevin Woo
05:06 PM Task #335 (Fixed): Testing new encoder mounts
See summary Kevin Woo
05:05 PM Task #329: Program all robot's EEPROMs
Kevin Woo
04:39 PM Revision 1025: CAD model of the diagnostic station
Jimmy Bourne
12:56 PM Revision 1024: Early test results for mapping.
Abraham Levkoy


06:01 PM Revision 1023: added thing to program eeprom BOM ids and robot id over usb
Brad Neuman
07:08 PM Revision 1022: completed skeleton for the environment
Ben Poole


06:44 PM Revision 1021: world header file, with type definitions
Ben Poole
06:21 PM Revision 1020: Now runs at a reasonable speed.
Brian Coltin
05:52 PM Revision 1019: Theta changes now.
Brian Coltin
12:11 PM Revision 1018: Added the data files for real this time
Abraham Levkoy
10:49 PM Revision 1017: Ran some tests in different environments. Data is in 1, 2, 3.txt
Abraham Levkoy
08:00 PM Revision 1016: calls to wl_init() and wl_set_com_port() were inverted
Chris Mar


08:47 PM Revision 1015: made a copy
John Sexton
08:38 PM Revision 1014: Uploaded empty folder when wanted to copy code folder.
John Sexton
08:31 PM Revision 1013: Created folder remotely
John Sexton


02:05 PM Revision 1012: theta in motors should change now
Bradley Yoo


05:58 PM Task #322: Depsit SURG Checks
Chris Mar
05:58 PM Task #273: Bay Board I2C
Chris Mar
05:51 PM Task #325: Control Robot Processes
Brad Neuman
04:54 PM Task #324: Share Motor Values with Simulator
Brian Coltin
04:52 PM Task #328: Simulate Motors
I never said that it works well. Each step moves the robot halfway across the screen. Also, the robot's orientation d... Brian Coltin
03:41 PM Task #328: Simulate Motors
I think there is a unit hazard despite the fact that it works.. Bradley Yoo
03:21 PM Task #328: Simulate Motors
bcoltin said that it works, so it must work. r1010 Kevin Woo
04:32 PM Revision 1011: Forgot to commit header file.
Brian Coltin
03:18 PM Task #333: Simulate Multiple Robots
I think I've already done most of the infrastructure for multiple robots, but it has only been tested with one. Also,... Brian Coltin
03:16 PM Task #333 (Fixed): Simulate Multiple Robots
Allow the simulator to simulate multiple robots. Brian Coltin
03:15 PM Task #332 (Wontfix): Environments
Allow files representing the obstacles in an environment to be read by the simulator. Make the rangefinders detect th... Brian Coltin
03:13 PM Enhancement #331 (Fixed): Cleanup on Closure
When the simulator is closed, we need to clean up all our threads
and robot processes. Same with getting a SIGINT.
Brian Coltin
03:04 PM Revision 1010: Motion works, but needs fine tuning.
Brian Coltin
02:50 PM Revision 1009: Fixed bug in iterator.
Brian Coltin
02:05 PM Revision 1008: libsim rangefinders works with shared memory now
David Schultz
01:34 PM Revision 1007: get rid of the draw_funcs stuff.
Siyuan Feng
11:41 AM Revision 1006: Threading issues worked out better... Ready to add motion.
Brian Coltin
10:06 PM Revision 1005: test takes an argument for the USB port #, but it doesn't commit a
memory error like it did last time I committed Abraham Levkoy
09:45 PM Revision 1004: test now takes a second argument for the USB port number
Abraham Levkoy


07:27 PM Revision 1003: Rangefinder now have normalized random noise!
Nico Paris


06:31 PM Revision 1002: gaussian noise now has a gauss_init to initialize with a seed and chaos scalar
Ben Poole
06:18 PM Revision 1001: the function move will now update the position of the robot and its theta. This ca...
Rich Hong
05:58 PM Revision 1000: working gaussian nosie function: gauss_noise()
Ben Poole
05:53 PM Revision 999
Nico Paris
05:49 PM Revision 998
Nico Paris
05:43 PM Revision 997: Started on drawing robots in the right place.
Brian Coltin
05:31 PM Revision 996: fixed the environment variable stuff
Brad Neuman
05:13 PM Revision 995: getenv should work
some commented code uncommented David Schultz
05:05 PM Revision 994: Fixed makefile includes.
Brian Coltin
01:14 PM Revision 993: Free's shared memory in the core file upon error in forking or error in attaching t...
Andrew Yeager
12:17 AM Task #321: Talk to Austria Micro about Encoder Magnet Misalignment Issues
...still waiting on a response Ben Poole

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