Justin Scheiner



  • Colony (Developer, 03/06/2009)



11:08 AM Colony Revision 1603: Small changes.. I definitely wouldn't use this for anything yet.
11:01 AM Colony Revision 1602: Added some test files for fixed point math.
Something definitely broke in cosine when I changed to smaller tables
(which shouldn't have sacrificed any accuracy)...


02:56 AM Colony Revision 1586: Implementation of exponential. Not tested, don't even know if it works at all.


01:33 PM Colony Revision 1585: Cut the trig table sizes in 4 w/ symmetry, etc.
Lazy implementations of sine and tangent (that just
use cosine indirectly).
Addressed edge cases.
Needs EXTENSIVE t...


06:02 PM Colony Revision 1579: Initial pass at a 32-bit fixed point library.
- Generated cosine / sine tables, put them in PROGMEM
- Wrote initial quadratic interpolation cosine function.


02:19 AM Colony Revision 1574: Working scheduler.
11:17 PM Colony Revision 1573: svn is being wonky...
Changes to the scheduler, still doesn't work.
avr-gcc has its own convention for saving state
on entry and exit that'...


03:20 AM Colony Revision 1546: Broke build.
03:20 AM Colony Revision 1545: Fixes..
Defaults to main,
Creates launch stacks (just realized this is sort of backwards),
Returns to tasks that are alread...
03:10 AM Colony Revision 1544: I gave the scheduler a crack based on avrOS and the code
from 18348 that I think caused John to add these skeleton files.
Very very basic preemptive task scheduling that run...

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