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  libdragonfly 943 almost 15 years Brian Coltin Simulator library compiles.
  libwireless 880 about 15 years Brian Coltin Created simulator branch. Sorry for adding new ...
  simulator 996 almost 15 years Brad Neuman fixed the environment variable stuff
  template 950 almost 15 years Brian Coltin Updated makefile to compile binaries for simula...

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# Date Author Comment
996 02/04/2009 05:31 PM Brad Neuman

fixed the environment variable stuff

995 02/04/2009 05:13 PM David Schultz

getenv should work
some commented code uncommented

994 02/04/2009 05:05 PM Brian Coltin

Fixed makefile includes.

993 02/04/2009 01:14 PM Andrew Yeager

Free's shared memory in the core file upon error in forking or error in attaching to shared memory

991 02/03/2009 04:33 PM Nico Paris

I hope this works

990 02/01/2009 06:38 PM David Schultz

library motor code

when Andrew's memory code is uncommented, uncomment the code in this file

989 01/31/2009 12:46 PM Brian Coltin

Renamed second core directory to test, slated for deletion.

988 01/31/2009 12:45 PM Brian Coltin

Refactored simulator, set some stuff up to work with multiple robots.

987 01/30/2009 05:35 PM Andrew Yeager

Including common directory in commit

986 01/30/2009 05:15 PM Brad Neuman

moved stuff from robot_test into libsim.c
libsim now contains the timer (pause/resume) stuff

Also commented andrew's code because it broke the build

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