From 04/09/2012 to 05/08/2012


10:32 PM Revision 02975ec6: Changed goal in altitude_node to be current height when enabled.
Thomas Mullins
09:15 PM Revision 734b51b9: Added PID subscribers to altitude_node
This should make testing at least a little easier, until we come up with
a better way. Also, moved joystick_control.l...
Thomas Mullins
09:03 PM Revision c7e517ce: Added ability to change constants in PID_control
Thomas Mullins


05:07 PM Revision 122a57d8: Minor changes in preparation for test flight.
-Added parameter default_goal to altitude_node
-Changed joystick button for toggling altitude control to button 11
Thomas Mullins


08:31 PM Revision 3a82529c: Nevermind... didn't need those
D'oh! Thomas Mullins
08:18 PM Revision c1426757: Adding some files to arduino so it compiles
These files are generated by rosserial, but they don't need to be
regenerated by everyone, and I don't remember now h...
Thomas Mullins


06:43 PM Revision 98e35b23: Moved mikrokopter to quad2
* Make it a stack
* Added a launch file for running the joystick
* Added some debug output for altitude_node
Alex Zirbel


05:15 PM Revision 53f28116: Added blob_image back to opencvdetect
Thomas Mullins


01:52 PM Revision 807b0a81: Added joystick_node for the new node_control system
It can also enable/disable altitude_node's thrust messages, and publish
its own instead.
Thomas Mullins


12:35 PM Revision 98711613: Moved mikrokopter package one folder deeper
The packages arduino and altitude_node aren't found inside another
package directory, so this way they're both found ...
Thomas Mullins
11:27 PM Revision 32006eb7: Fixed segfault in opencvdetect
Thomas Mullins


05:02 PM Revision b11b2b30: Added cvblobs8.3 to repo so that opencvdetect can compile
Thomas Mullins
12:07 PM Revision 7bc485ed: Added /altitude_node/enable topic to disable PID
Also, added node_control.cpp and Velocity2D.msg, which should have been
commited before but apparently weren't.
Thomas Mullins
11:52 AM Revision d1fc7d9e: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Nick Stanley
11:49 AM Revision 9262605f: Now it seg faults but compiles, please check this out if you can help.
Nick Stanley


07:17 PM Revision 737bd480: Added altitude_node and node_control
node_control listens to /mikrokopter/thrust, yaw, and velocity, and
publishes control messages using nav_lib. altitud...
Thomas Mullins
06:03 PM Revision 4ed577d5: Improved the README in mikrokopter/arduino
Thomas Mullins

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