From 12/30/2012 to 01/28/2013


07:27 PM Bug #2129: Killing and respawning makes a scout uncontrollable
Alex will help with this one too. Alex Zirbel


06:21 PM Bug #2132 (Fixed): Delay before motor commands start
The first motor command rarely works.
Putting a delay before sending any commands is a quickfix, and this could be...
Alex Zirbel
06:20 PM Bug #2131 (Fixed): Resume button doesn't work
In the python GUI, the resume button does nothing. Alex Zirbel
06:20 PM Bug #2130 (Fixed): Running a scout then starting teleop
Interaction of teleop and behaviors is bad.
For example, if teleop is on, then the behavior will seem to be bugged...
Alex Zirbel
06:12 PM Bug #2129 (Fixed): Killing and respawning makes a scout uncontrollable
1. Create a new scout (ie "testbot")
2. Run a behavior on testbot
3. Kill testbot via GUI
4. Spawn another scout c...
Alex Zirbel
05:57 PM Revision 63e19141 (scoutos): Committing Anson's BOM changes
Thomas Mullins


08:33 PM Revision 64aea12e (scoutos): Added ENABLE output for stepper
This will hopefully solve the problem of the stepper heating excessively
and constantly using current.
Thomas Mullins


04:26 PM Revision 958699af (scoutos): Fixed rosserial; now works with Gumstix
Thomas Mullins


03:12 PM Task #2111 (Fixed): Make scoutsim debugging tools able to run on any scout.
Alex Zirbel
03:12 PM Task #2111: Make scoutsim debugging tools able to run on any scout.
Now possible to change this via rosservice calls.
More gui changes can be requested later.
Alex Zirbel


10:20 PM Revision 2853d46b (scoutos): Changed stepper to always step in step_sweep
Also added whole/half step as a separate setting, with a single
step_do_step function. Also added stepper to main.cpp.
Thomas Mullins


06:25 PM Revision 2b0ba4bb (scoutos): Fixed encoder.ko makefile and missing #include
Thomas Mullins


04:00 PM Revision 54f7fa50 (scoutos): Removed encoder udev rule
Thomas Mullins


06:50 PM Revision f325b893 (scoutos): Added conversions abs_to_rel and rel_to_abs.
Also, added warnings after these conversions in the case that a requested speed has to be cropped.
Tested against a ...
Alex Zirbel


05:46 PM Revision 4e393fcc (scoutos): Added code for unit conversion, pending tests.
Alex Zirbel
04:07 PM Revision f3549f76 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
04:06 PM Revision 9d9e04ba (scoutos): Old little changes to sonar.
Alex Zirbel


12:08 PM Revision 4807b056 (scoutos): Adding a Priya custom scout.

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