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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  autonomous_recharging 91 about 15 years James Kong added charging_station and dragonfly folders to...
  colonet 470 over 14 years Greg Tress more updates to colonet
  libdragonfly 448 over 14 years Chris Mar moved new BOM code into trunk (wrapper function...
  libwireless 424 over 14 years Eugene Marinelli changed various things in colonet dragonfly and...
  scheduler 33 about 15 years James Kong added autonomous_recharging and scheduler folde...
  slam 90 about 15 years Justin Scheiner Commit missed the new files. Damn svn add.
  template 156 almost 15 years Eugene Marinelli Updated robot_slave code; reformatted a lot of ...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
470 02/05/2008 10:09 PM Greg Tress

more updates to colonet

469 02/05/2008 09:53 PM Eugene Marinelli

readded sleep to server since it seems to help with joing token ring (???)

468 02/05/2008 09:23 PM Jason knichel

made it so it removes robots it does not have new positions for

467 02/05/2008 09:13 PM Eugene Marinelli

fixed vision more

466 02/05/2008 08:54 PM Eugene Marinelli

fixed vision bug

465 02/05/2008 08:44 PM Jason knichel

increased the threshold range so it identifies things again, however, sometimes it segfaults

459 02/05/2008 07:45 PM Greg Tress

updated some colonet stuff

458 02/05/2008 06:59 PM Jason knichel

added some really simple support for keep track of which position is which robot over time

457 02/05/2008 06:35 PM Jason knichel

put in some dummy assignments to get rid of some compiler warnings

455 02/04/2008 10:31 PM Eugene Marinelli

client support functions in colonet server (untested)

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