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bomfly_jst.brd 31.5 KB
bomfly_jst.sch 47.8 KB
scout_bom.brd 21.7 KB
scout_bom.sch 48 KB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
761bbe01 02/12/2010 02:31 PM Chris Mar

minor fixes

5f5a9a6c 02/12/2010 10:48 AM Chris Mar

fixed some vias and traces, ready for CAM

dbdb1adf 02/10/2010 11:21 PM Chris Mar

moved bom to bomboard/bomfly, added silk

72129553 02/09/2010 02:31 PM Chris Mar

added datasheets and new jst version of bom board

d84551b0 01/29/2010 07:39 PM Chris Mar

fixed some bom layout stuff

3972f826 01/29/2010 11:38 AM Chris Mar

updates scout BOM schematic and board. i finished routing, but needs to be checked.

a2ce43f0 01/28/2010 05:57 PM Chris Mar

adding scout bom board to repo

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