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Clean up Colony-New and prepare for next year

Added by John Sexton over 13 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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Need to figure out what we want to do with colony-new repository.

We will need to clean it out for next year, but if there are substantial library changes between now and then (maybe the next version of the Intro labs will incorporate line-following???) then there is a valid argument to wait and do this at the beginning of next year.

In which case, we can either wipe everything, keep everything but the lab implementations, or don't touch anything.


#1 Updated by Ben Wasserman over 13 years ago

I'd recommend leaving it until later in the year, or until the intro labs next year. That way people can still use it to experiment with subversion, and if any updates happen to the library it will be easier to integrate them for the intro labs next year. Since since some people indicated lab0 was too easy, so maybe we can teach subversion in it, since its already prepared. ~Ben

#2 Updated by Alex Zirbel over 13 years ago

I read the issue before Ben's response and was thinking the same thing - the new repo is still a good place to experiment with subversion, and the new members still have their old code online. I also like the idea of putting subversion into Lab0, but in any case we don't need to change anything in the near future.

#3 Updated by John Sexton over 13 years ago

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