Ben Wasserman





10:02 PM Colony Scout Revision a47006da (scoutece): Did some wire routing and part moving.


10:14 PM Colony Scout Revision 3ec16d35 (scoutos): Fixed bugs I saw in headlights code. Fixed object parameter missing ...
08:24 PM Colony Enhancement #1903: Discuss and Contact about Extra Colony III Boards
We contacted Brian Kirby and got 6 new boards. We will install them this Saturday.
08:15 PM Colony Scout Task #1819 (Fixed): Create ROS Node: Headlights
Finished creating node and libheadlights.(cpp/h) in libscout, as well as adding headlights into other parts of libsco...
07:50 PM Colony Scout Revision 90c7a37c (scoutos): Added libheadlights.cpp(cpp/h). Also updated constants.h and libscou...


06:40 PM Colony Scout Revision 3d0c1eda (scoutos): Added behavior.cpp to CMakeLists.txt because I forgot to add it before.
06:40 PM Colony Scout Revision 737bb380 (scoutos): Restructured libscout.(cpp/h) so the behavior main runs in a separat...
06:15 PM Colony Scout Revision 4589a2a9 (scoutos): Deleted compiler output files that were accidentally included in ana...
05:40 PM Colony Scout Revision ac0cc6b8 (scoutos): Fixed headlights/src/headlights.cpp to get rid of the compile-time b...


03:46 AM Colony Scout Task #1819: Create ROS Node: Headlights
I created the node, but it doesn't have low level implementation yet. I also haven't written libheadlights, which pro...

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