Controls 01-22-2012

Split into subgroups

  • Attitude Control
  • Altitude Control
  • Panda Board + Simulator


Attitude: Tom, Matt, Priya
Altitude: Nick M, Julian, Nick S
Pandaboard/Simulator: Alex, Chris, Matt, Tom

Attitude Weekly Goals:

Week1: Choose joystick, Joystick + ROS, printing number values from ROS. (Joystick will arrive ~Wednesday)
Week2: Seeing/hearing motor speeds change from joystick input, test flight with joystick
Week3: yaw, test flight with yaw, clean up code
Week4: bugfixing/integration


Week1: Test barometer reliability, figure out alternatives
Week2: Test throttle from joystick to take off
Week3: thrust vs pitch integration
Week4: debugging, altitude hold


Week1: SD card flashed with ubuntu, ROS, mikrokopter node, networking+ssh, have a plan for a simulator
Week2: Multiple machine comm: video+joystick
Week3: Untethered, battery powered on mikrokopter. (work with mech-es), implement simulator
Week4: get simulator working