Unclear whether what receiver we designed for
  • Vishay TSOP1138
  • Vishay TSOP1238
  • Vishay TSOP4838

All are 38Khz receivers with noise suppression, seem to differ only in power requirements and directivity. All suggest use of the TSAL6200 IR Emitter.


Vishay TSOP1138: doesn't fit on robot, too large, lowest power consumption
Vishay TSOP1238: good size, not normally stocked
Vishay TSOP4838 - good size, more cycles/burst (length?), but lower bursts per second, in stock

WINNER: Vishay TSOP4838 IR Receiver


  • RA Headers along back of board -- might not have clearance for RA, need to use straight
    • Along back of board, 1.08" vertical clearance, should be plenty for a typical cgrid 0.1" connector
    • FFC should be fine
  • Grounded Screw Holes
    • .116 for drill hole
    • .179 for screw head
    • .250 for ring terminal (including clearance/tolerance)
    • changes
      • bottom left: move orb right
      • bottom right: move orb left
      • top left: don't worry about battery header
      • top right: extend ground plane
  • change resistor and capacitor values for BOM detectors to 100 ohm, 0.1 uF