Meeting Minutes 11-17-2011 --Hardware Meeting

Sensor Testing

  • BOM
    • Interference testing
    • How many sensors are needed per side
    • See if two boms can communicate with each other
      • BOM software?
    • Wider BOM emmitter range?
      • Test current BOM's with 100mA current
  • Sonar Readings?
  • Hook up Sonar to stepper motors
  • Prototype scout on Shelf
    • Motor drivers! Misty&Priya
  • Power Up rest of Scoutfly (minus power board) Ben/Abe
    • Work on it this weekend
  • Requisition Ticket for IMU
    • Dan will check this out and get back
  • Requisition Ticket for Board Parts!!!!!
  • Reimburses Juilian


  • Saturday Meeting 4-7 to install old boards!
    • Need to make connectors
    • Find "worst" bots