Robot Status Page

Introductory Labs

This table records robot testing for each lab, updated 8-30-2010.

I'm putting a Y or N in the boxes for each time I test, up to 3 times.
Additional codes: M (maybe), C (couldn't test for some reason)

Lab0 testing (James): Tested to make sure that orbs, motors, potentiometer, and both buttons worked.
Lab1 testing (James): Will fill the line with BRE: BOM, Rangefinder, Encoder. If the letters there it works. - = untested, X = broken
Lab2 testing ( ): Will fill the line with BREW: BOM, Rangefinder, Encoder, Wireless. If the letters there it works. - = untested, X = broken

Robot Number SmartRunAround Lab0 Lab1 Lab2 Notes
Bot 0 XXX XXX XXX XXX Effectively destroyed. Need to replace Dragonfly.
Bot 1 Y Y - N Doesn't tag well
Bot 2 Y Y - N Worked for smart runaround! Why does it have a loose wire and no ball on the bottom? Doesn't send a signal with BOM.
Bot 3 Y Y - Y Button2 doesn't work.
Bot 4 Y Y - N Does not seek prey as hunter. May have BOM problems.
Bot 5 Y Y - Y
Bot 6 Y Y - Y Left wheel is a little slower. May have XBee problems.
Bot 7 Y Y - Y
Bot 9 C Y - N Screamer. May not be programmable on Windows. Spins endlessly as hunter. May have encoder problems.
Bot 10 C Y N N No Wireless. Missing a nice belt. BOM doesn't work. Missing right encoder
Bot 11 Y Y - Y
Bot 12 Y Y BR- Y Went a little crazy/spastic/hyper while running around smartly. BOM does not appear to emit. Can still receive though.
Bot 13 Y Y N N His leg may fall off, in that case just put it back on. His BOM does not seem to emit at all.
Bot 14 Y Y - Y
Bot 15 Y Y BR- N When hunter-prey was put on it, it didn't turn on. Wireless suspected.
Bot 16 C N N N Reserved for wireless/IR testing.