Welcome to Colony!

High level software - Misty, yuyangg

This group focuses on the software that controls the behavior of the Scouts, and lets them work together. They use C++ with ROS (for now). This semester's goal will be smart self-charging, and then whatever they feel like.

Low level software - Tom, tmullins

This group focuses on sensor i/o, motor control, and similar things close to hardware. They provide an interface for the high level software group to use.

Electronic hardware - Julian, jabinder

This groups is responsible for the main circuit board, and various external sensors. This semester they'll be doing another revision of the board, and some other things pertaining to self-charging.

Mechanical hardware - Audrey and Rachael, ayeoh and rnortega

This group focuses on the design and construction of the Scout's hardware. This semester they'll be working on the self-charging and an attachment for the back to carry things, but mostly they will be figuring out the plastic molding process for making new Scouts.