Calibration Station Schedule

What should be done by the end of this week: feet attached, motors attached, platform built, arduino/motor connection tested. Start electronics.

  • 4-10: Finish electronics if not done. Start Testing; fix what's broken
  • 4-17: Integrate with software
  • 4-24: Meeting of the minds prep - make a poster
  • 5-01: Finals week soon, and meeting of the minds

Traffic Navigation Schedule

What should be done by the end of this week: barcodes, statusbot transmits data, bigger graph created, test database, graph visualization runs on a dummy graph

  • 4-10: demo create graph, integrate all parts, intersections
  • 4-17: search graph, transmit between robots
  • 4-24: debugging, make poster
  • 5-01: MotM

List of current tasks

Behaviors for Traffic Navigation

  • Mapping
    • Prashant, Dev, James
  • Not crashing at intersections
    • Alex L, Ben (rewrite queue), Priya, Willis
  • Barcodes: Automate the entire process
    • Alex Z, Grant, (Dan)
Mapping Tasks
  • identify Nodes
    • barcode - Alex L, Dan
    • database - Priya
      • update
    • create graph - Dev, Preshant
    • display graph - Jeff, Joseph
    • search graph
      • transmit between robots
  • Multi-robot
  • Status Bot - Matt, Ben
Calibration Station Software
  • Store information in MySQL database
  • Evan will pull information out and display on another website
    • We'll then put that within a tab on the wiki
  • John wants to write in Java, but serial ports are difficult
    • Suggested cross-platform libraries for serial
  • Has been doing things! Can we hear updates?
Progress on papers?
  • Check out a paper George suggested! It's on the wiki.