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Added by Ryan Cahoon about 8 years ago

1. Alpha code to trigger the new wireless bootloader from the user program. Not tested
Includes subroutine in the XBee library to reset the XBee's settings

2. New subroutine in the BOM library to more accurately estimate the position of the max reading using weighted average of the readings instead of max reading.
Also roughly estimates distance to BOM-detected robot based on signal strength

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68 68
/** @brief Compares all the values in bom_val[] and returns the index to the highest value element. **/
69 69
int bom_get_max(void);
70 70

/** @brief Computes the weighted average of all the bom readings to estimate the position and distance of another robot. **/
int bom_get_max10(int *dist);

71 74
/** @brief Enables the selected bom leds on a BOM1.5 **/
72 75
void bom_set_leds(int bit_field);
73 76


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