From 10/31/2009 to 11/29/2009


12:57 PM Enhancement #856 (Fixed): Makefile Update
David Schultz
12:54 PM Task #950 (Assigned): Wireless - xbee.c
integrate serial.c xbee functions into xbee.c, clean up file David Schultz
12:53 PM Task #949 (Fixed): Wireless - common functions
init, terminate, packet group handler registration David Schultz
12:52 PM Task #948 (Fixed): Wireless - receive functions
David Schultz
12:47 PM Task #947 (Fixed): Wireless - send wrappers, high level secure ack behavior
David Schultz
12:46 PM Task #946 (Assigned): Wireless - core send, ack functions
David Schultz
12:44 PM Enhancement #925: xbee baud rates
Got baud rate switch to work for 115200 baud. It should work for the other standard baud rates, but hasn't been test... David Schultz


02:55 PM Enhancement #925 (Assigned): xbee baud rates
Currently, only default of 9600 baud works. Get other rates, specifically 115200, to work. David Schultz


02:35 PM Enhancement #856: Makefile Update
Moved to wireless branch. Added recursive system, so you just have to copy the makefile from the higher level folder... David Schultz


02:24 PM Enhancement #856: Makefile Update
Added ability to rebuild the library automatically if it is ever updated, or you can force the rebuild of the library... David Schultz


11:19 PM Enhancement #856: Makefile Update
Done for makefile in trunk/code/projects/test
If this works for everyone, we can change all the makefiles.
David Schultz

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