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DFM Check on Breakfly

Added by Dan Shope almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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creater gerber files for Breakfly and check on


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#2 Updated by Dan Shope almost 12 years ago

The Sparkfun tutorial is a good start. Look at starting at "What's a gerber?" The only problem with this is that the files their .cam generates don't match the usual file names. Nonetheless, you should get the same number of files that represent the same things.

The important part is about running the CAM processor. The {2,4} files in the scouthw repo are the same as the ones that come with Eagle, so you can use either version. You will want the for your board. The processor will generate 7 files that you will need for a DFM check:


You can disregard all other files. If you zip these up, you can submit them to (!freedfmstep1.asp). The file-to-layer assignments should be self-explanatory. Under "General Information," most of the default selections are good enough. Make sure you answer "Solder Mask Sides" and "Silkscreen Sides". Also, make sure you fill out "X dimension" and "Y dimension". For company, I have been putting "Carnegie Mellon University". For phone, I've been using the Roboclub number 412-268-8237.

#3 Updated by Dan Shope almost 12 years ago

Submitted to I accidently submitted the bottom silkscreen as well (which is blank) and had to select "two sided silkscreen". This is fixed in the submission files for GoldPhoenix/BatchPCB.

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