Meeting Minutes January 31st 2013

Announcement: Meetings are now back to 4:30.

Subgroup Updates

Software Team - Priya


  • Bug Fixes
  • Had meeting

This week's goals:

  • More bug fixes
  • Code fixes
  • Talk about behavior running strategy

Mechanical Team - Peyton

  • Mounted rear plate
This week's goals:
  • Build prototypes this weekend
  • Mount battery
  • Create sonar tower enclosure

Board Team - Julian

  • Talked to 220 professor about failing MOSFETs
  • Got Geiger counter
This week's goals:
  • Figure out temporary alternative to on-board charging
  • Work on next scoutfly rev.
  • Start working on Geiger counter/chalk valve board
  • Talk to Physics department about obtaining radioactive samples
  • Ping Atkeson
  • Add Ruben/Kevin to Redmine/mailing list/repo

Low Level Software Team - Tom

  • Divvied up some tasks
  • Tested new BOM code
  • FINALLY added Charles's LED code to repo
This week's goals:
  • Stepper homing (depends on hardware switch on stepper)

Intro Lab 0

Demos today!

Finished Partial Completion Total Failure
Priya Julian Brent
Tom Rachel
Alex Payton

Intro Lab 1

Demos next week. Get started soon!