• 18743 - Energy Aware Computing

    18-743 Energy Aware Computing for Chris Mar and Kevin Woo. Research topic is adding DVFS with onchip voltage regulator simulation to Wattch.

  • Colony

    Creating a low-cost homogeneous colony of robots.

  • HyLo

    Previously know as Stairbot, HyLo is a project that involves Hybrid Locomotion in robots.

  • InfoTron

    A repository of useful knowledge across the disciplines for Roboclubers to use while working.

  • Mechanical Logic Gates

    Building logic gates that work mechanically instead of electrically as educational tools.

    • Documentation

      Please view the wiki for details on the Mobot Tutorial

  • Wishlist

    Report club issues or send in suggestions for things you would like to see here.

  • OPM Parking Meters

    18-549: Embedded System Design Project
    Spring 2009

  • PowerTron

    Digital Power Supply and Power Function Generator
    SURG Project for F14 and S15

  • Quadrotor

    Quadrotor's goal is to design and fly an autonomous quadrotor helicopter indoors using a Kinect sensor.

  • RoboBuggy

    99 problems, driver ain't one

  • RobOrchestra

    The RobOrchestra Project seeks to create instruments that can not only play themselves, but also work together to create their own music. The ultimate goal is to create a full band, with at least one instrument to cover the roles of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, and Rhythm....

  • Tooltron

    Shop management safety system. Released under the LGPL.

  • Underwater Swarm Bots

    The goal of this project is to create small (from 3" to 9"), relatively cheap, underwater robots that allow underwater tasks without the use of large, expensive, existing underwater robots.

  • WCTU

    Wirelessly Controlled Testing Unit

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