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Quadrotor: MikroKopter First Flight!
The MikroKopter is assembled and ready to go.
Added by Alex Zirbel over 2 years ago

RobOrchestra: Meeting of the Minds 2009
RobOrchestra wins award 3rd year running!
Added by Dan Shope almost 5 years ago

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Latest projects

  • RoboBuggy (01/24/2014 03:52 pm)

    99 problems, driver ain't one

  • Documentation (10/05/2013 01:58 pm)

    Please view the wiki for details on the Mobot Tutorial

  • InfoTron (09/30/2013 09:53 pm)

    A repository of useful knowledge across the disciplines for Roboclubers to use while working.

  • Mobot (09/14/2013 05:13 pm)
  • Mechanical Logic Gates (10/13/2012 10:10 am)

    Building logic gates that work mechanically instead of electrically as educational tools.