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  • For Meeting of the Minds (MoM)
    • Five robots cooperatively gather data
    • Server analyzes data and constructs a single map
    • Server is able to direct a different robot through an environment of obstacles
  • Short Term (next 1-2 weeks)
    • Fix encoders
    • Research Robotic Operating System (ROS)
    • Develop multi-robot-behavior

Multi-Robot 4-9-2009 meeting

  • smart-run-around for now
  • possible use of wall following to map faster
  • ignore differentiating robots and obstacles for now

Multi-Robot Behavior Brainstorming

  • People to work on this: Abe, Brad, David
  • David's ideas: see bottom of page (Multiple Robot Behavior)
  • Adapt smart-run-around behavior
    • Make it more intelligent?: better coverage, circle obstacles, etc...
  • Differentiate between obstacles and other robots (use BOM)
    • If there is a range reading in the same direction as a BOM flash (doesn't have to be max bom), disregard the reading
    • This would be equivalent to replacing the data in the packet with a -1 reading
    • Probably have to check the sensor matrix for this, because we care about more than just the last BOM reading
  • Potential problem: odometry/encoders assumes starting position of (0,0)
    • If matlab can stitch together maps regardless of position, then this might not matter
    • Need to talk to Justin about this
      *Want a high level robot tracker to orient the robots maps with BOM data
      *Possibly use correlation to align maps (limit to robots that can see each other).
    • For testing, just start robots in the same position/direction one after another
  • Multiple rows of data per packet.
  • TODO:
    • Get smart-run-around working on a single robot gathering mapping data
    • Add more robots

Meeting Minutes from 11/11/2008

  • Mapping update Meeting
    • work in trunk/code/projects/mapping
    • Robot:
      • driving, gathering encoder/range data
      • sending data to server over wireless
        • need to test frequency of sending packets
    • Server:
      • sending driving commands
      • receiving data, output to file for MATLAB input
        • space-separated values: x y theta IR1 IR2 IR3 IR4 IR5
      • odometry on robots
  • Multiple Robot Behavior:
    • Desired Properties
      • Overlapping maps
      • Shared origin
        • robots must know where they are in relation to each other to get this
    • Actual Behavior
      • make BOM contact with another robot
        • estimated distance reading would help
      • try to follow another robot
        • could parallel path but moved over slightly to give a wider view while also corroborating data
        • then treat as leader/follower in actions
        • get groups to link up with each other and then separate to establish meeting point between maps
    • Shortcuts
      • one solution to the 'master origin' problem for multiple robots is to start each robot at the same point with the same orientation
        • this isn't very useful and takes effort, but it works
      • could also establish an initial offset in robots, but accurate initial placement would still be an issue