Roboclub Officers Redmine

Report club issues or send in suggestions for things you would like to see.
New ticket

How to Use Tickets

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Set Tracker to the type of the problem.
    • Bugs - Something that is wrong with the club that can be fixed
    • Tasks - Things that need to be done such as buying food, replacing stock, etc.
    • Enhancement - Things that should be done to improve the club, short or long term
  3. Subject is a short description of the issue
  4. Description is a longer, detailed writeup of the problem. List relevant sites, locations, etc. Please include your name and email (only officers can see so don't worry about spam) so that we can contact you
  5. Assign a priority choosing from low, normal, and high. Be honest!
  6. Choose the best category that you think fits the issue


If you want to request a keycard, fill out a ticket as above but set the following:
  • Category = Keycards