The old ROV will be used to test out different microcontrollers and electronics. It will also be used by the programming team to test behaviors until the true swarm robots are built. It is far too big for this project. It is not property of the club, and is on loan.

Current State & Tasks

As of 10/4/2011:
The robot is in disrepair, and needs multiple fixes in order to work. To do:
-The tether is not yet complete. The tether side of the data cable has been finished, but the tether side of the power cable has not yet been modified.
-The tether mounts have not yet been attached to the robot.
-There is one motor that has broken (optional)
-There have not yet been motor controllers added to the robot.
-The processor has not been selected.
-The waterproofing of the pelican case has not yet been tested.
-The robot still looks completely badass