Mechanical Research

Thrust Motors

Testing Thrust

Bollard testing has been selected for this. We will be using a preexisting motor (from the Old UROV) to determine the validity of the testbed. An example of this can be seen on ( The project is about halfway completed.


The new motors will need to be built waterproof cases. This project will be paused until the motors have arrived.

Testing Amperage

During the bollard test, the amperage that the motors will pull can be found. This will be valuable for knowing the amount of power needed on the robot.

Propeller Design

The propeller design will be made to optimize flow for our robot. This will be done at a later date once the motors are selected.

Ballast systems

The need for a ballast system will be analyzed, and if it seems to be a good idea, we can test out a ballast system.

Overall System Configuration

The overall system configuration will need to be laid out once the individual components are researched. This pertains to the location, quantity, and type of motors. This will be highly dependent on the mission profile for the robot being designed. Other important parts include buoyancy of the robot.

Miscellaneous Waterproofing

Once the robot is built, individual components might need to be waterproofed.