From 10/02/2011 to 10/31/2011


06:37 PM Mechanical: Parts ordered
Sam Dyment
06:34 PM Electronics: Parts ordered
Sam Dyment


05:09 PM General Discussion: Pool: What/when/where/who
I'm signing us up for pool time! There's some info I need.
1) When works for everyone? I'll assume that Monday, 6:...
Raphael Segal


07:25 PM Mechanical: RE: Chassis/Propulsion Design Brainstorming
You guys should be able to actually use this cad if you have SolidWorks. Sorry, I didn't realize I needed to make th... Nat Jeffries


12:07 PM Mechanical: RE: Motor Progress
Last Monday (10/17)we finally got our hands on the new motors. It turns out they are in fact motors designed for rc ... Nat Jeffries


01:28 PM Mechanical: RE: Motor Building
Here's a link I found about waterproofing RC vehicles. At about the middle of the page, they describe two things you... Preston Ohta


06:33 PM Mechanical: RE: Chassis/Propulsion Design Brainstorming
here is a fleshed out design from your google sketchup drawing. will this work? As far as I can see we only need on... Nat Jeffries
05:05 PM Mechanical: RE: Chassis/Propulsion Design Brainstorming
I just realized a critical design flaw- my propulsion method will not allow the robot to orient itself in a particula... Nat Jeffries
03:45 PM Mechanical: RE: Chassis/Propulsion Design Brainstorming
I can post some screenshots. I also realized you already have a setup that is much simpler than mine. The only bene... Nat Jeffries
11:08 AM Mechanical: RE: Chassis/Propulsion Design Brainstorming
I no longer have solidworks on my computer :(
is there any way you could post screenshots of your ideas?
Sam Dyment
11:37 AM Mechanical: RE: Motor Building
They arrived, apparently Andrew tested them (in air), he said:
"They've got some kick. But the seal is bad. Try c...
Sam Dyment


03:22 PM Mechanical: Chassis/Propulsion Design Brainstorming
If anybody has ideas about how we should attach the motors and propellers to the robot, post them here. I made a Sol... Nat Jeffries
12:45 PM Mechanical: Motor Progress
Hi mechanical team,
For now, I'm in charge of propulsion, so here's a recap on our current progress:
Yesterday ...
Nat Jeffries


03:37 PM Mechanical: RE: Motor Building
As far as I know, we ordered underwater motors, which I assume are either waterproofed or equipped with watertight be... Nat Jeffries
09:50 PM General Discussion: October 3rd Meeting
During the meeting on October 3rd, Andrew wrote up what we were to accomplish for the meeting.
1 Everyone was to set...
Sam Dyment
09:47 PM General Discussion: Motor Configuration
What do you think about configuration for the motors?
I kinda like this is the way to go:
Sam Dyment
08:04 PM Old ROV: To Do list for the old robot
We need to fix up the old robot so that we can test out other systems.
We need to look into the following:
-The ...
Sam Dyment
08:00 PM Programming: Behavior - Follow the Leader
If our first task is to have one robot follow the other, how could we achieve this? How should we approach this probl... Sam Dyment


07:59 PM Programming: Processors
What kind of processor do you think we will need for the robot? For testing, should we use a nice one, then switch to... Sam Dyment
07:57 PM Electronics: Triangulation
Triangulation seems to be the best way to figure out where all of the robots are underwater. What methods do you guys... Sam Dyment
07:55 PM Electronics: Rangefinding
So, rangefinding seems to be necessary no matter what the technology we are planning on using. We will need to develo... Sam Dyment
07:52 PM Mechanical: Motor Testing
So the bollard test device that we started was never finished. Did we want to meet up at some point and finish it up?... Sam Dyment
07:51 PM Mechanical: Motor Building
I know we are waiting on some motors to come in, how are we planning on waterproofing them?
If you have it, feel f...
Sam Dyment
07:48 PM Electronics: Underwater Data Communication
So let's hit off this discussion.
We need to send data underwater. The range of the data we are transmitting will...
Sam Dyment
06:57 PM General Discussion: Robot Names
What do you guys want to name these things?
Someone mentioned Feebas for our first one, (http://bulbapedia.bulbag...
Sam Dyment
06:52 PM General Discussion: Goal for the project
The project goal is rather daunting.
> Underwater swarm is a project under the CMU Robotics club. The goal of this...
Sam Dyment
06:43 PM General Discussion: September 26th meeting

First, a quick recap of the meeting yesterday:
We broke up into the three teams (electrical, programming, and
Sam Dyment
06:41 PM General Discussion: September 19 meeting
September 19th meeting notes:
Hey everyone,
The meeting today went very well. To those of you who couldn't make
Sam Dyment
06:40 PM General Discussion: Meeting Notes
Hey everyone, I plan on posting meeting notes here so that anyone who missed one can see what went on.
Sam Dyment
06:30 PM General Discussion: Introduction To Underwater Swarm
Hey everyone!
Underwater swarm is a project under the CMU Robotics club. The goal of this project is to create smal...
Sam Dyment

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