Toolbox Problems

Symptom Fix
All 3 lights on Reprogram
No lights on Replace_Bootloader
Red light on (solid), tool won't respond Check for server problems, if none, follow Ping_Test
Red and Yellow alternating Idiot_Mode

Server / Cardbox problems

TODO: fill in correct symptoms

Symptom Fix
Check log / civicrm to see if member has paid and is trained
Try another card, mag stripe might be damaged
Red and Yellow light on the cardbox Check_Server


Reprogram - Use the network bootloader to update the programming on a toolbox. This can be done from anywhere
Replace_Bootloader - Use the ISP to replace the bootloader
Ping_Test - Log in to the server and run a utility to check the status of each tool. This will catch a tool that randomly changed EEPROM addresses
Check_Server - Log in to the server and make sure everything is running
Replace_EEPROM - Fix a bad adress in case those pesky cosmic rays flip too many bits