Known board issues

  • Lower Ethernet jack on the two-jack one should have its pins reversed, and seems to have incorrect connections anyway.
    -Fixed on second schematic and board revision
  • Transistor controlling relay has drain and source switched.
    -Fixed on second board and schematic revision
  • Ground may be disconnected in some places? There are air wires.
    -No ground air wires found, all airwires solved on second board revision
  • Maybe the case should be connected to only one of the grounds, not both.
    -Currently case is connected to AC ground


Device Have Need (per board)
NCP 1117 regulators 0 2
0.1uF SMD alum cap 1 4
button 0 1
ATTINY1634-SU-ND 1 1
10000pF ceramic cap 4 2
MAX91206LDC current sensor 0 1
0.1uF through-hole alum cap plenty 5
MAX1308 RS485 2 1
2N7000 transistor 2 1
IN4148 diode 4 2

Board status

Tool number Programs? Modbus? RFID? ToolBox Key NEMA Notes
? yes 010 5-20 prototype
1 yes yes yes does not have correct tool id programmed
2 yes yes yes 009 5-20
3 yes yes yes yes 006 5-15
4 yes yes yes 009 5-
5 yes yes yes yes 007 5-15
5 yes 006 5-15
6 yes yes yes yes 007 5-20
7 yes yes yes 003 5-15
8 yes yes yes yes 008 5-20
9 yes yes yes 006 5-

RS485 over Ethernet cables

(Note that A/B and/or AUX1/2 pairs may be swapped)

Revision one (only the single-port tower)

Brown AGND
Brown/White AVDC
Green GND
Blue/White AUX1
Blue AUX2
Green/White VLOG
Orange B
Orange/White A

Revision two (wire number is for the ribbon cable on the power supply board)

Brown A 5
Brown/White B 6
Green VLOG 8
Blue/White AUX2 4
Blue AUX1 3
Green/White GND 7
Orange AVDC 1
Orange/White AGND 2
Header Info:
JP1: ISP Programmer
JP2: Keyswitch, nonpolar
JP3: Backup relay power, Pin with line is + (closer to JP6)
JP4: Bus connection in
JP5: Top-Cardbox connection; Bottom-Bus connection Out
JP6: AUX pins: 5V-PA2-PA0-GND (GND closest to JP3)
JP7: AGND-AUX2 Jumper, pin closer to RJ45 jack is AUX2
JP8: AVCC-AUX1 Jumper, pin closer to RJ45 jack is AUX1

JP3 caution:
- Use with keyswitch if MCU is dysfunctional and/or ToolBox is offline.
- Do not use if ToolBox is connected to other units via ethernet.

Manufacturing Progress
- Keyswitch
- RFID wiring
- Toolbox machining (manual) (Note: need to drill+tap ground screw via hand drill)
- RFID manual machining
- Toolbox machining (CNC) and all boxes checked and fixed if necessary
- Board manufacturing
- Board testing
- ToolBox 4-40 clearance on CNC face
- Toolbox 8-32 tap hole
- sheet metal partitions (drill press)
- RFID box 1" holesaw cutout
- RFIDbox plastic screen drilling
- RFIDbox plastic screen bending

In progress
- Resolder header on RFID board
- RJ45 cables
- AC line cables
- Toolbox assembly (6 done -keyswitch)

Not yet done
- RFIDbox assembly

Part Assembly Qty
Toolbox Toolbox 4?
Plastic Screen RFID 9

Smart Card info:
DLP Reader ISO14443-A, ISO14443-B Digikey 813-1044-ND
TI eval suite guide attached.

GUI instructions.pdf - TI eval suite (5 MB) Nishant Pol, 09/28/2013 04:04 PM