End User Usage


  1. Swipe your card at the cardbox
  2. When the yellow light is on, press the desired too
    1. A red light means you do not have access to the tool
    2. A green light means access has been granted
  3. Go to the tool you wanted, it should now have a yellow light illumniated
  4. Hit the green button to start the time
  5. Use tool as needed, it will not turn off unless you shut off the mechanical switch
  6. If the yellow light is blinking, you are about to run out of time
    1. If you turn off the tool it will terminate your session
    2. Hit the green button to extend your time
  7. Hit the red button when the tool is off when you are done
  8. Red light signifies your session has ended


The user will swipe their id card at the cardbox and select a tool (based on a number). The cardbox will ask the members database whether the user is authorized on this tool. If they are, the cardbox displays a green light and the tool is allowed to active. Otherwise the cardbox will display a red light and deny the user. A yellow light indicates that the cardbox is waiting on a tool selection or for the server to respond.

Should the tool be activated, the user can now go to the tool and press the black/green button. This enables power to the tool for the specified amount of time. Hitting the red button at any time will expire the time and will kill power to the tool as soon as it is no longer running. Throughout the session, if the tool time is about to expire, the tool will display a yellow light. This indicates that as soon as the tool is turned off, the system will kill power to the tool. Simply hitting the black/green button refreshes your time. As long as you are in the green, you can turn the tool on and off as many times as you like. The system will never kill power to the tool while it is running.