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6fbe093f 02/12/2014 10:39 PM Thomas Mullins

Implemented code for new RFID readers

It's not fully working yet. When the checksum is enabled, it ignores all
responses. Also, it no longer recognizes a missing card.

e1d61b43 11/28/2012 04:19 PM Thomas Mullins

Fixed compile errors; finished converting char -> uint8_t

6ca98a3f 11/27/2012 05:59 PM Thomas Mullins

Eradicated use of signed chars in serial d'oh

89915eeb 11/18/2012 07:35 PM Thomas Mullins

Added serial_flush

ae250f1a 11/12/2012 01:51 PM Thomas Mullins

Moved toolbox code into its own directory