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2dde134c 04/25/2014 03:00 PM Thomas Mullins

Shorted modbus timeout

9e26460d 04/20/2014 02:47 AM root

Fixed a few issues setting up tooltron on Marvin

911e4e11 04/20/2014 02:28 AM Thomas Mullins

Adding init script for mainbox installation

0ed3db9d 02/12/2014 10:56 PM Thomas Mullins

Removed pid file necessity

Still uses it if running as root, but otherwise doesn't bother. Should
be a bit easier for local testing.

3411817b 02/12/2014 10:40 PM Thomas Mullins

Added clarifying comment for code that confused me

TODO document all this lol

90bb5fa7 02/12/2014 10:40 PM Thomas Mullins

Fixed event queue bug

88570136 10/06/2013 03:20 PM Thomas Mullins

Added LRU eviction to cache. Not tested yet.

e247ef4d 10/06/2013 03:19 PM Thomas Mullins

Fixed build warnings from last commit

ea46eeca 10/05/2013 09:41 PM Thomas Mullins

Simplified read_file

ddd50354 06/08/2013 11:41 PM Thomas Mullins

Minor typo

13fd9e7e 06/08/2013 11:34 PM Thomas Mullins

Added stop command and fixed pid file deletion

cc7646f9 05/13/2013 03:18 PM Thomas Mullins

Major changes to mainbox code.

-Added local cache for RFID -> tool permissions
-Queries new page /crm/roboauth/%08x, which gives bitmask of all tool
permissions instead of just one
-Added pid file at /var/run/
-Now must be run as "tooltron run" and also has "tooltron refresh" and...

5e03b78d 05/05/2013 04:36 PM Thomas Mullins

Added new logging functions which inject timestamps

5e8f735d 05/05/2013 02:20 PM Thomas Mullins

Changed URLs to match actual server

5305e5e7 03/24/2013 04:17 PM Thomas Mullins

query.c has optional debug output for /add_card_event

38df0012 03/22/2013 09:42 PM Thomas Mullins

Event submissions from ./tooltron tested and working

15928a3d 03/20/2013 02:02 PM Thomas Mullins

Added username/password to add_event query

880dc54f 03/20/2013 01:24 PM Thomas Mullins

Fixed curl SSL queries failing and queue bug

75cef49f 03/11/2013 09:42 PM Thomas Mullins

Added query_add_event to mainbox code

cce97007 01/30/2013 05:15 PM Thomas Mullins

mainbox now prints error on 404 or 500 from server

15fa09f7 01/27/2013 07:02 PM Thomas Mullins

Made errors less noisy

If it can't connect to a tool, it will print an error once, and then
print another message when it is able to reconnect.

8f961e44 01/21/2013 05:47 PM Thomas Mullins

Added getopt for inputting serial device and CRM server

9e764ac9 01/18/2013 07:55 PM Thomas Mullins

Added query.c for queries from database web interface

1085ef77 12/02/2012 05:11 PM Thomas Mullins

Made rfid.c more robust against false negatives

Also changed LED code to be more generally usable, and changed mainbox
to grant access to a particular user id instead of randomly choosing

1b054655 12/01/2012 05:59 PM Thomas Mullins

Fixes. It tooltrons at a basic level now.

dc472500 11/28/2012 09:31 PM Thomas Mullins

Added LED blinking, and other fixes

14688426 11/17/2012 09:54 PM Thomas Mullins

Added printing the response timeout, and other fixes

- Fixed using SLAVE_ADDR instead of tool->address
- Replaced read_registers with read_input_registers

3811693d 11/14/2012 08:22 PM Thomas Mullins

Renamed tool_get_user to tool_read_user

7bdb98c5 11/13/2012 06:35 PM Thomas Mullins

Initial commit of mainbox code.