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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
1345EnhancementAssignedNormalMySQL Stored ProceduresBrad Neuman05/08/2010 01:37 PM

1165EnhancementWontfixLowsend email when tooltron recoversBrad Neuman05/11/2010 07:36 PM

1140EnhancementFixedNormalTool ping packetKevin Woo03/03/2010 08:39 PM

1132EnhancementWontfixNormalAdd a FUSE section to the bootloaderKevin Woo02/24/2010 06:22 PM

1129EnhancementAssignedNormalnotifications of tool boot packets in tooltron.pyBrad Neuman03/27/2010 08:52 PM

1128EnhancementFixedNormalReorganize repository to share common code Kevin Woo02/24/2010 01:14 AM

1127EnhancementAssignedNormalscript for network programmingBrad Neuman03/27/2010 08:52 PM

1089EnhancementFixedNormalNew Cardbox BoardKevin Woo02/23/2010 08:37 PM

1079EnhancementFixedNormalNetwork Programming SupportBrad Neuman02/27/2010 02:25 PM

998EnhancementFixedNormalmake lookup table for tool numbersBrad Neuman01/18/2010 06:46 PM

503EnhancementFixedNormalTool usage loggingBrad Neuman01/18/2010 06:45 PM


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