From 03/26/2010 to 04/24/2010


06:25 PM Bug #1327 (Assigned): Server dies when internet is out
The server dies when the internet goes out necessitating the manual override of tools. This may be a security hole bu... Kevin Woo


02:45 PM Bug #1151 (Fixed): input/output error
Seems that the webcams were causing problems on the USB chip on the server. We added a powered hub and moved tooltron... Kevin Woo


01:58 PM Bug #1273 (Invalid): fix error messages on bas sync
shouldn't see
ERROR: got confusing packet. Excpecting something from cardbox (2) but got:
ERROR: trying to print m...
Brad Neuman
09:22 PM Task #1200 (Duplicate): Update state machine interactions between cardbox and server
Brad Neuman
09:21 PM Bug #1204 (Fixed): MySQL server goes away
fixed by reconnected to MySQL every time someone swipes Brad Neuman
09:21 PM Bug #1233 (Fixed): Cardbox hangs
fixed for now by allowing server to get key responses when it is expecting an ACK Brad Neuman
09:15 PM Revision 264: fixed funny server bug
Brad Neuman
09:13 PM Revision 263: argh, something strange is going on. added more printouts
Brad Neuman
09:10 PM Revision 262: added debugging printouts
Brad Neuman
09:05 PM Revision 261: updated tooltron server to hande being offset from cardbox (implicit ACKS) and ot h...
Brad Neuman


06:28 PM Bug #1233: Cardbox hangs
Just saw this issue again:
card swipe triggers yellow light, then regardless of button press, a timeout happens (a...
Brad Neuman


01:37 PM Revision 260: Added script to read fuses out of the cardbox
Kevin Woo
10:10 PM Bug #1233 (Fixed): Cardbox hangs
Twice this issue has come up recently, and it seems to be a problem with the states in the card box
At some point ...
Brad Neuman


05:25 PM Revision 259: wow im a moron, uncommented the cirtical section of code in
Brad Neuman
12:26 PM Revision 258: fixed bug with retries in server and made mysql reconnect each swipe
Brad Neuman


01:40 PM Bug #1204 (Fixed): MySQL server goes away
This happens sometimes when someone swipes after many hours ...
Brad Neuman
08:55 PM Bug #1177 (Duplicate): cosmic bit flips
Kevin Woo
08:54 PM Task #1201 (Duplicate): Document the Server
* State machine
* How to modify the server
* How to run manualtron
* How to set up the server (screen, etc)
Kevin Woo
08:53 PM Task #1200 (Duplicate): Update state machine interactions between cardbox and server
Kevin Woo
08:53 PM Task #1199 (Assigned): Document the States of the toolbox/cardbox
Kevin Woo
08:53 PM Task #1198 (Assigned): Document the Network Bootloader
Kevin Woo
08:52 PM Task #617 (Invalid): Buy Conduit
Kevin Woo
08:52 PM Task #1142 (Worksforme): Hot glue connectors in the two bandsaws
Kevin Woo
08:51 PM Bug #1151: input/output error
Might be the FTDI chip browning out. Going to try to add a cap to the power rails when we get the parts for it Kevin Woo
08:47 PM Bug #1150 (Worksforme): Fix USB issue with RS485 chip on cardbox schematic/layout
Kevin Woo


03:36 PM Bug #1179 (Fixed): Tool ACL issues
Brad Neuman
03:16 PM Revision 257: huge delay to keep the ftdi chip happy
Brad Neuman
03:06 PM Revision 256: added delay between messages on the bus
Brad Neuman
02:47 PM Bug #1197 (Assigned): Keypad row 3 (7,8,9,C) does not work
The keypad isn't busted (we probed the leads and saw that rows were connected) but we don't get anything from row 3.
Brad Neuman
02:37 PM Revision 255: Updated a define in tooltron.h
Kevin Woo


05:04 PM Revision 254: added some logging output
Brad Neuman
03:38 PM Task #1194 (Assigned): Put up a warning sign for Tooltron swiping responsibilities
If you swipe, you are responsible for damages James Kong

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