From 01/26/2010 to 02/24/2010


10:59 PM Revision 200: Bootloader only emits a boot message when the buttons are depressed or it was reset...
Kevin Woo
10:16 PM Revision 199: Bootloader is setup to read the address from the EEPROM now
Kevin Woo


06:24 PM Revision 198: Fixed a magic number initialization
Kevin Woo
06:22 PM Enhancement #1132 (Wontfix): Add a FUSE section to the bootloader
Seems to be broken on the compiler level. The code is left in as of r197 but we get an error when programming saying ... Kevin Woo
12:07 AM Enhancement #1132 (Wontfix): Add a FUSE section to the bootloader
So that we don't have to muck with avrdude on each board to program the fuses, set the defaults using the FUSE macro ... Kevin Woo
06:21 PM Revision 197: Removed fuse writing since it seems to be placing the fuses out of memory and causi...
Kevin Woo
05:57 PM Revision 196: * Fixed bug where the naked attribute did not work with main
* Used a noreturn attribute to main_start which saved us some room. That works
* Tested removal of interrupt tables, ...
Kevin Woo
05:55 PM Task #1124 (Assigned): Jump table for user code
We should probably keep this open until we are sure that it works Kevin Woo
02:27 AM Task #1124 (Fixed): Jump table for user code
Used function pointers. Macros to use offsets to the jump table address. Not tested, hopefully it works. Kevin Woo
11:45 PM Task #1124: Jump table for user code
Jump table is setup in common/tooltron.h and is used when TOOLBOX is defined. Need to find the actual addresses. Kevin Woo
08:45 PM Task #1124 (Fixed): Jump table for user code
packet handlers, send packets, uart stuff Kevin Woo
05:53 PM Bug #1130: add compiler directive to prevent stack junk
Adding this to the main function actually fails. It makes more sense to add this to the main_start function pointer. ... Kevin Woo
02:35 AM Bug #1130 (Fixed): add compiler directive to prevent stack junk
Made the main function in the bootloader naked which should do the same thing. This will prevent recursive calls to i... Kevin Woo
10:27 PM Bug #1130 (Fixed): add compiler directive to prevent stack junk
Everytime we call main_start we we leaving the shell of the bootloader on the stack. If we declare it with __attribut... Kevin Woo
03:54 PM Revision 195: Using a modified linker script to strip out the unused interrupt vector table in th...
Kevin Woo
02:47 PM Revision 194: Added default fuses to the bootloader
Kevin Woo
02:34 AM Revision 193: Made the main function in the bootloader naked, saved about 50 bytes
Kevin Woo
02:26 AM Revision 192: Fixed offset error in the jump table
Kevin Woo
02:25 AM Revision 191: Added jump table to point to the right functions in the toolbox
Kevin Woo
01:37 AM Revision 190: Added the assembly jump table. It is placed 1 page from the end of flash memory
Kevin Woo
01:17 AM Revision 189: Breaking up more of the bootloader into separate files
Kevin Woo
01:14 AM Enhancement #1128 (Fixed): Reorganize repository to share common code
This is actualy non-trivial since the cardbox and toolbox operate very differently now and continue to diverge. The o... Kevin Woo
08:47 PM Enhancement #1128 (Fixed): Reorganize repository to share common code
use an include directory to share common code between the toolbox/cardbox Kevin Woo
12:57 AM Revision 188: Moved rs485_poll.h to bootloder since it will never be used by the toolbox
Kevin Woo
12:55 AM Revision 187: moved rs485_sw.c into the bootloader directory where it is compiled. The include di...
Kevin Woo
12:48 AM Revision 186: fixed some bugs in the rs485 code
Kevin Woo
12:28 AM Revision 185: Renamed uart to rs485_poll because it is more descriptive of what it actually does....
Kevin Woo
12:26 AM Revision 184: Pulling out the uart polling code, need to do some file renames
Kevin Woo
11:47 PM Revision 183: Began moving parts of the code into the common directoty. Began setting up the jump...
Kevin Woo
11:28 PM Revision 182: Changed bootloader to use the common header file
Kevin Woo
11:26 PM Revision 181: Deleted old bootloader folder
Kevin Woo
11:25 PM Revision 180: Removed bootloader .dep folder
Kevin Woo
11:22 PM Revision 179: Moved bootloader to the trunk
Kevin Woo
11:21 PM Revision 178: Moved tooltron header file
Kevin Woo
11:15 PM Revision 177: Moved debug script to the util directory
Kevin Woo
11:14 PM Task #1119 (Fixed): Watchdog Reset
Applied in changeset r176. Kevin Woo
08:41 PM Task #1119 (Fixed): Watchdog Reset
Reset for the bootloader on a reset packet Kevin Woo
11:14 PM Revision 176: Fixes #1119. Watchdog timer based reset implemented and added to the common library
Kevin Woo
11:09 PM Bug #1131 (Fixed): network programming script sends 1 too many packets
When the packet size is exactly divisible by 32 the script sends an extra packet with 32 blank bytes and fails due to... Kevin Woo
11:07 PM Revision 175: Test program with the watchdog reset implemented
Kevin Woo
10:11 PM Revision 174: Changed the recusive call to a goto for a retry case in the bootloader
Kevin Woo
09:59 PM Revision 173: * Added timeouts to the packet handler
* Bootloader sends nacks due to timeouts or mismatched packets
* Bootloader clears user code jump before starting to ...
Kevin Woo
09:58 PM Task #1122 (Fixed): Send nacks
Send nacks when there is a TT_BAD or a mistmatched packet while in bootloading mode. Retries currently 5 times but is... Kevin Woo
08:44 PM Task #1122 (Fixed): Send nacks
Bootloader crc errors, mismatched packet types
Normal code crc errors
Kevin Woo
09:57 PM Task #1123 (Fixed): clear user code jump when programming
We clear the jump in software but haven't been able to test it. Should be okay though. Kevin Woo
08:44 PM Task #1123 (Fixed): clear user code jump when programming
Kevin Woo
09:29 PM Task #1120 (Fixed): Packet handler timeouts
It will wait 60000 cycles (7-14ms) for a program packet after reset before it times out. Otherwise it will run the ma... Kevin Woo
08:42 PM Task #1120 (Fixed): Packet handler timeouts
Kevin Woo
09:17 PM Revision 172: Fixed bug in the cardbox where a pin on the FTDI was not connected correctly
Kevin Woo
09:17 PM Revision 171: Code cleanup
Kevin Woo
08:53 PM Revision 170: updated netprog with nicer output (slightly)
Brad Neuman
08:47 PM Enhancement #1129 (Assigned): notifications of tool boot packets in
Keep a log and send an email whenever a board gets reset Brad Neuman
08:46 PM Enhancement #1127 (Assigned): script for network programming
give it a program (source) and a list of tool IDs
will recompile each one, defining ADDR and then use netprog to sen...
Brad Neuman
08:46 PM Task #1126 (Fixed): Test new cardbox board
Kevin Woo
08:46 PM Task #1125 (Fixed): Cut usb cable to make new cardbox cable
Kevin Woo
08:43 PM Bug #1121 (Fixed): Update netprog to deal with errors
NAACKs and BOOT packets at odd times Brad Neuman
08:37 PM Enhancement #1089 (Fixed): New Cardbox Board
Kevin Woo
08:37 PM Task #1090 (Wontfix): Buy OR gates
Kevin Woo
08:10 PM Revision 169: it works
Kevin Woo
07:31 PM Revision 168: Bootloader almost works except for ctors end stuff
Kevin Woo


05:31 PM Revision 167: Debug script, bootloader can send without hacks
Kevin Woo


09:08 PM Revision 166: Almost works
Kevin Woo
08:32 PM Revision 165: bootloader stuff that should work
Kevin Woo


06:34 PM Revision 164: changed bootloader to start at 0x400
Kevin Woo


05:02 PM Revision 163: tried to update test Makefile to move code to start at 1024
also added some printouts to netprog Brad Neuman
04:56 PM Revision 162: Fixed bug in bootloader that writes to flash. Can now write to flash
Kevin Woo


09:31 PM Revision 161: Bootloader fixes
Kevin Woo


04:54 PM Revision 160: added simple test code for programmer
Brad Neuman
02:37 PM Bug #1104 (Fixed): Remove magic number from uart init
We use a magic number for uart init instead of a #define in the cardbox/toolbox/bootloader Kevin Woo
10:25 PM Revision 159: got state transitions working with toolbox board!
Brad Neuman
10:25 PM Revision 158: Bootloader state machine and rudimentary programming, can receive program but doesn...
Kevin Woo
09:40 PM Revision 157: first draft of network programmer, no error checking!
Brad Neuman
09:04 PM Revision 156: Added a packet parser and ack generator to the bootloader. Also added the new mesag...
Kevin Woo
08:53 PM Bug #1103 (Fixed): Tools send wrong Ack message
Tools, cardbox, and Server expect 'A' instead of 'a' for an ack which does not follow the message format. Kevin Woo
07:21 PM Revision 155: undid hack to main toolbox code
got something of the bootloader working Brad Neuman


06:39 PM Revision 154: added bootloader code
Brad Neuman


01:25 PM Revision 153: First version of the cardbox hardware that's not perf boarded. These are the gerber...
Kevin Woo


11:26 PM Enhancement #1089: New Cardbox Board
Committed in r151 Needs to pass DFM and get budget approval Kevin Woo
11:24 PM Revision 152: This is the toolbox that we sent to fab
Kevin Woo
11:23 PM Revision 151: First run at the improved cardbox
Kevin Woo
08:56 PM Task #1090 (Wontfix): Buy OR gates
unless the club...
Kevin Woo
08:56 PM Enhancement #1079: Network Programming Support
512byte boot loader. We can probably modify this. It's setup to use the uart protocol I believe. Need to login to avr... Kevin Woo


04:49 PM Enhancement #1089 (Fixed): New Cardbox Board
* Integrated RS485<-> USB
* Run the chip on RS485, or UART, no RS232
Kevin Woo
03:19 PM Enhancement #1079: Network Programming Support
AVR-LIBC seems to have some macros to make this easier: Kevin Woo
08:58 PM Enhancement #1079: Network Programming Support
We need to use the Self-Programming Flash feature of the ATTIny2313. Page 155 of the datasheet.
Notes from the dat...
Kevin Woo


10:57 PM Enhancement #1079 (Fixed): Network Programming Support
Flesh out a system for network programming of tools. Perhaps look into how the Colony bootloader works as well as wha... Kevin Woo
10:41 PM Revision 150: Fixed several bugs:
warn state no longer allows red button to kill tool while it is spinning
keypresses are flushed by the server before ...
Brad Neuman


06:42 PM Task #1058 (Fixed): look at what happens when a non-member swipes
Brad Neuman


02:03 PM Bug #1056 (Fixed): fix dangerous "left on" case
Fixed using the current sense detector to enter "idiot" mode Kevin Woo
08:19 PM Bug #1056 (Fixed): fix dangerous "left on" case
if the machine switch is on when user turns on tooltron:
green button will spin motor
red button will not kill it w...
Brad Neuman
02:03 PM Bug #1057 (Fixed): yellow warning light blinks too slowly
Dropped to 200ms in the code using _delay_ms Kevin Woo
08:19 PM Bug #1057 (Fixed): yellow warning light blinks too slowly
Brad Neuman
08:31 AM Task #1058 (Fixed): look at what happens when a non-member swipes
I think when harison swiped when we didn't have his card # nothing came up on the board which is wrong. It should bli... Brad Neuman
09:50 PM Revision 149: added a much better idiot check
Brad Neuman
09:22 PM Revision 148: UNTESTED hacky check state solution for idiot mode, going back to idiot-state solution
Brad Neuman
07:56 PM Revision 147: updated comments
Brad Neuman

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