From 01/18/2010 to 02/16/2010


09:08 PM Revision 166: Almost works
Kevin Woo
08:32 PM Revision 165: bootloader stuff that should work
Kevin Woo


06:34 PM Revision 164: changed bootloader to start at 0x400
Kevin Woo


05:02 PM Revision 163: tried to update test Makefile to move code to start at 1024
also added some printouts to netprog Brad Neuman
04:56 PM Revision 162: Fixed bug in bootloader that writes to flash. Can now write to flash
Kevin Woo


09:31 PM Revision 161: Bootloader fixes
Kevin Woo


04:54 PM Revision 160: added simple test code for programmer
Brad Neuman
02:37 PM Bug #1104 (Fixed): Remove magic number from uart init
We use a magic number for uart init instead of a #define in the cardbox/toolbox/bootloader Kevin Woo
10:25 PM Revision 159: got state transitions working with toolbox board!
Brad Neuman
10:25 PM Revision 158: Bootloader state machine and rudimentary programming, can receive program but doesn...
Kevin Woo
09:40 PM Revision 157: first draft of network programmer, no error checking!
Brad Neuman
09:04 PM Revision 156: Added a packet parser and ack generator to the bootloader. Also added the new mesag...
Kevin Woo
08:53 PM Bug #1103 (Fixed): Tools send wrong Ack message
Tools, cardbox, and Server expect 'A' instead of 'a' for an ack which does not follow the message format. Kevin Woo
07:21 PM Revision 155: undid hack to main toolbox code
got something of the bootloader working Brad Neuman


06:39 PM Revision 154: added bootloader code
Brad Neuman


01:25 PM Revision 153: First version of the cardbox hardware that's not perf boarded. These are the gerber...
Kevin Woo


11:26 PM Enhancement #1089: New Cardbox Board
Committed in r151 Needs to pass DFM and get budget approval Kevin Woo
11:24 PM Revision 152: This is the toolbox that we sent to fab
Kevin Woo
11:23 PM Revision 151: First run at the improved cardbox
Kevin Woo
08:56 PM Task #1090 (Wontfix): Buy OR gates
unless the club...
Kevin Woo
08:56 PM Enhancement #1079: Network Programming Support
512byte boot loader. We can probably modify this. It's setup to use the uart protocol I believe. Need to login to avr... Kevin Woo


04:49 PM Enhancement #1089 (Fixed): New Cardbox Board
* Integrated RS485<-> USB
* Run the chip on RS485, or UART, no RS232
Kevin Woo
03:19 PM Enhancement #1079: Network Programming Support
AVR-LIBC seems to have some macros to make this easier: Kevin Woo
08:58 PM Enhancement #1079: Network Programming Support
We need to use the Self-Programming Flash feature of the ATTIny2313. Page 155 of the datasheet.
Notes from the dat...
Kevin Woo


10:57 PM Enhancement #1079 (Fixed): Network Programming Support
Flesh out a system for network programming of tools. Perhaps look into how the Colony bootloader works as well as wha... Kevin Woo
10:41 PM Revision 150: Fixed several bugs:
warn state no longer allows red button to kill tool while it is spinning
keypresses are flushed by the server before ...
Brad Neuman


06:42 PM Task #1058 (Fixed): look at what happens when a non-member swipes
Brad Neuman


02:03 PM Bug #1056 (Fixed): fix dangerous "left on" case
Fixed using the current sense detector to enter "idiot" mode Kevin Woo
08:19 PM Bug #1056 (Fixed): fix dangerous "left on" case
if the machine switch is on when user turns on tooltron:
green button will spin motor
red button will not kill it w...
Brad Neuman
02:03 PM Bug #1057 (Fixed): yellow warning light blinks too slowly
Dropped to 200ms in the code using _delay_ms Kevin Woo
08:19 PM Bug #1057 (Fixed): yellow warning light blinks too slowly
Brad Neuman
08:31 AM Task #1058 (Fixed): look at what happens when a non-member swipes
I think when harison swiped when we didn't have his card # nothing came up on the board which is wrong. It should bli... Brad Neuman
09:50 PM Revision 149: added a much better idiot check
Brad Neuman
09:22 PM Revision 148: UNTESTED hacky check state solution for idiot mode, going back to idiot-state solution
Brad Neuman
07:56 PM Revision 147: updated comments
Brad Neuman


06:46 PM Enhancement #998 (Fixed): make lookup table for tool numbers
Brad Neuman
06:45 PM Enhancement #503 (Fixed): Tool usage logging
Brad Neuman
06:45 PM Bug #980 (Fixed): debug tool board 3
Brad Neuman
06:45 PM Bug #979 (Fixed): tooltron server doesn't properly handle dead lines
Brad Neuman
06:43 PM Task #1025 (Fixed): implement emailing for bugs
python failures or repeated ack failures Brad Neuman
06:41 PM Revision 146: logging with user names
Brad Neuman
05:48 PM Task #1024 (Fixed): split logs based on date
to allow for cleanup Brad Neuman
05:36 PM Revision 145: added some more logging to server
Brad Neuman
05:09 PM Revision 144: added some logging but doesn't look up usernames yet
Brad Neuman
04:41 PM Revision 143: updated server to handle multiple swipes and have more reasonable timeout behavior.
tested with 5 toolboxes, seems to work for now
Also removed unnecessary code from uart in toolbox.
Brad Neuman
03:38 PM Revision 142: changed it so that the cardbox ignores uart rx until it gets a key
Kevin Woo
01:43 PM Revision 141: changed timeouts to be shorter for 422 acks
Brad Neuman
01:06 PM Revision 140: renamed dustmite to tooltron since dustmite the server is dead
Brad Neuman

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