This is the old prex stuff which isn't used anymore

Cross Compiler

I am using the GNU ARM toolchain version 4.0.2 binaries from

Build Process

  • checkout the reop
  • cd to 'prex-0.9.0'
  • ./configure --target=arm-integrator --cross-prefix=arm-elf- (including the trailing dash)
    • Change 'arm-elf-' to something else if your cross compilation tools have a different prefix
  • run make
    • If you get an error about 'fno-dwarf2-cfi-asm' not existing or something then edit conf/ and remove -fno-dwarf2-cfi-asm from the G++_OPTS

Running it in QEmu

  • install the qemu-arm stuff
  • run qemu-system-arm.exe -L . -kernel prexos
    • After the system boot, the black screen will appear in QEMU screen. Then, you have to press Ctrl-Alt-3 to show the serial console.
      Note: Ctrl-alt-3 opens a terminal, Ctrl-alt-1 shows the geust OS, and Ctrl-alt-2 shows the qemu monitor.