From 02/18/2013 to 03/19/2013


04:50 PM Revision 4bdd00ba: Changed cliff_status_changed to a singe int8 bitmask
Thomas Mullins


05:38 PM Revision 0970d303: Fixed AVR code for new message locations
Also finished and tested cliffsensors. They work. Thomas Mullins


09:15 PM Revision b2d280c7: fixed the autoname generating issue
Yuyang Guo
09:14 PM Revision caba2d8a: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Yuyang Guo
09:12 PM Revision 36701fcd: added new Odometry in test behaviors, done some simple testing in scoutsim
Yuyang Guo
08:28 PM Revision 071926c2: Retired (deleted) unused packages.
Moved their msg/srv definitions to the messages/ package instead, and revised the libscout and scoutsim files that de... Alex Zirbel
07:06 PM Revision 1057a46d: Removed old files and test executables.
Alex Zirbel


03:14 PM Revision b333d404: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Yuyang Guo
03:13 PM Revision cfef1cdc: fixed the issue of behavior list not corresponding to the GUI list
of behaviors Yuyang Guo
03:06 PM Revision f09d002e: behaviors now overwrite teleop (see comments in scout.cpp for details)
Hui Jun Tay
01:49 PM Revision e10d9dd5: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Thomas Mullins
01:29 PM Revision 04270a10: Changed everything to use group scout because of Upstart bug
Thomas Mullins


05:05 PM Revision 7f2ccb46: Fixed up the smart_runaround behavior to integrate it fully.
Alex Zirbel
04:55 PM Revision 8b7d6f99: Updated BehaviorList with the new smart_runaround.
Alex Zirbel
04:55 PM Revision c9638ad1: Added BehaviorList templates.
Alex Zirbel
04:54 PM Revision 5dd9f396: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
04:52 PM Revision 6350051e: Added a script to auto-generate BehaviorList files.
This includes some sub-changes:
* Restructured behaviors/ folder into behaviors/, test_behaviors/ and limbo_behavior...
Alex Zirbel
04:49 PM Revision 2fd5122a: Add smart runaround behaviors.
04:46 PM Revision a69f6363: Test commit for new clone.


07:38 PM Revision d7c3c222: Encoders node now actually reads from hardware
This compiles but hasn't been tested on the Scout yet. Thomas Mullins
07:37 PM Revision 2237e1f0: Changed motor max speed and added constants in set_motors.msg
The new speed range is -100 to 100, to be consistent with the pwm
driver. They can be accessed with motors::set_motor...
Thomas Mullins


03:11 PM Revision 2e8030ea: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
03:08 PM Revision dcf49526: Overwrote the ROS sigint handler so now behaviours stop and die and stop motor...
02:01 PM Revision 1e52c76b: fixed died rosnode kill and added sonar viz
Yuyang Guo


03:05 PM Revision a283b65b: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Thomas Mullins
03:04 PM Revision 8741d18c: Added cliffsensor/ROS code to main file (untested)
Thomas Mullins


11:32 PM Revision 414d2b48: Updated line follow code to make turns for Lab 2.
Also upgraded at_destination and LineSensor::destination() for Intro Lab 2. Alex Zirbel


06:18 PM Revision af7e0f94: Added new at_destination functionality.
Maze turns are buggy and are the next order of business. Alex Zirbel

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