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d84551b0 01/29/2010 07:39 PM Chris Mar

fixed some bom layout stuff

5e579b33 01/29/2010 11:38 AM Chris Mar

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

3972f826 01/29/2010 11:38 AM Chris Mar

updates scout BOM schematic and board. i finished routing, but needs to be checked.

ca9f70ed 01/28/2010 11:43 PM Kevin Woo

Finished routing PSU, user buttons, fixed a bug in tolerances in the wireless chip.

94f4f0ac 01/28/2010 07:09 PM Kevin Woo

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

b9c74451 01/28/2010 07:09 PM Kevin Woo

Reorganized the I2C pins on the FFC. Routed I2C and the I2C levelshifter. Finished the PSU poly pours except for the VCC pour. The Motor current limiters are laid out except for the VCC connection. Hooked up the wireless chips except SPI. Added a mounting hole for the BOM board.

a2ce43f0 01/28/2010 05:57 PM Chris Mar

adding scout bom board to repo

a5862daf 01/28/2010 04:34 PM Kevin Woo

Some PSU routing, WL chip except external signals is done. Fixed resistor size (package) for the MAX745 battery charger

14570329 01/27/2010 10:58 PM Kevin Woo

ORB and button wiring, some UART stuff.

e91ddfc2 01/27/2010 03:06 AM Kevin Woo

Routed AVR, motor drivers, JTAG, USB ports, debug UART and some of the decoupling caps across the board.

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