From 11/01/2012 to 11/30/2012


09:47 PM Revision 53452658: fixed schematic to look nice and be organized
Julian Binder
08:49 PM Revision 98dae599: removed old imu circuitry. added new i2c circuitry for gyro, accelerometer and...
Julian Binder


05:29 PM Revision 64cefaf3: fixed output logic on pushbutton controller
Julian Binder
04:47 PM Revision a767a322: added tx/rx breakout for avr to gumstix serial connection
Julian Binder
12:22 AM Revision 6170941c: fixed !ENABLE on the stepper driver
Julian Binder
12:12 AM Revision 20280a2e: fixed error in confusion between SHDN and CLR. Also changed LED resistor value...
Julian Binder
11:51 PM Revision 15a40e6f: fixed the shutdown circuit to use one of the gpio pins. added pullldown resist...
Julian Binder


06:16 PM Revision 14c1b86d: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Julian Binder
06:13 PM Revision 12b595f3: added scoutfly_rev3 to accomplish changes for the next revision of the board
Already removed switch to swtich power supply sources. In the process of
fixing the pushbutton control circuit
Julian Binder


08:59 PM Revision 41479b4c: Merge branch 'master' of
Thomas Mullins
08:58 PM Revision 902fa82f: Fixed some indentation
Thomas Mullins


04:45 PM Revision b4cb37e1: Added UCC3911 Lithium-Ion Battery Protector to jabinder.lbr
Also added UCC3911 to schematic with associated perhiperals Julian Binder
12:12 AM Revision b76ae2da: Created a new library jabinder.lbr
Added parts for 18650 double battery holder, LT3650 two cell li-ion battery
charger and 2x2 SMT molex headers
Also ma...
Julian Binder

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