From 10/05/2011 to 11/03/2011


11:52 PM Revision a7a07a86: Disapproved DRC errors on power board
Disapproved of previously approved DRC errors for power board. They are
apparently legitimate problems that need to b...
Abraham Levkoy
10:32 PM Revision 072e0990: powerboard placed, needs routing
Yuyang Guo


05:28 AM Revision 6bcd5b93: Fixed gas gauge and charging components
Added extra decoupling capacitor between battery voltage and ground next
to charging circuit to allow board to run wi...
Abraham Levkoy
03:34 AM Revision cbe8706d: Added missing components around AVR on power board
Added ISP header, pullup resistor for AVR reset line, and decoupling
capacitors for AVR power lines. Connected ISP he...
Abraham Levkoy
02:37 AM Revision cb409f92: Finished USB interface on power board
Added decoupling capacitors to FTDI chip, changed signaling VCC from USB
VCC to AVR VCC so that AVR can signal to FTD...
Abraham Levkoy


07:15 PM Revision 8c16f5aa: Started to add USB port to power board
Added USB port and USB-UART converter to power board schematic. I think
the converter has enough hooked up to it to r...
Abraham Levkoy
05:10 AM Revision 107d33d7: Shorted GND to BATT_GND in power schematic
Connected GND and BATT_GND to eachother using a 0 Ohm resistor. I want
to keep the signals separate to ease routing, ...
Abraham Levkoy
04:35 AM Revision 9f7d5c6f: Fixed ERC errors
Added some missing junctions and a missing label. Approved "no value"
warnings for parts for which a value would be n...
Abraham Levkoy
03:24 AM Revision f6a93a04: Started making kwoo's recommended changes
Made changes to charging circuit: Connected CLP to VIN on U1. Added
diodes to charge BOOST capacitor from battery and...
Abraham Levkoy


03:13 AM Revision aa3e7f85: Update prefixes and names for two parts
Updated prefixes for DS2786 and MP1702 in kwoo.lbr to U so that Eagle
won't use the default prefix, U$, for them. Als...
Abraham Levkoy


05:03 AM Revision 680676e5: Added pullup resistors and an LED to power test
Added pullup resistors for I2C connections to power test board. Also
added a diagnostic LED to indicate when the AVR ...
Abraham Levkoy
04:20 AM Revision 0d19b5ca: First draft of power testing circuit schematic
Fleshed out power testing circuit. It is still missing a few things, and
I don't understand every little bit of it, b...
Abraham Levkoy
11:59 PM Revision 94e948f2: Updated charging test circuit from kwoo library
Ran update command in charging_test.sch to update parts from kwoo.lbr. Abraham Levkoy
10:27 PM Revision acbd1e46: Updated kwoo.lbr with previous kwoo changes
A few months ago, Kevin sent me a new version of kwoo.lbr. Updated
kwoo.lbr with these changes (using the Eagle updat...
Abraham Levkoy
09:10 PM Revision 5a7bbf4c: fixing last 13 angle problem in drc
don't really know how to fix the last one.
worked on right bottom on both top layer and bottom layer
Yuyang Guo


10:19 AM Revision a433b5ff: solving some angle problems on scoutflu board
Yuyang Guo


05:32 PM Revision cf5c3070: Fixed some of the paths which are at unusual angles
Thomas Mullins
05:03 PM Revision ca0c1be9: fixing some of the angle problems in scoutfly.sch
Yuyang Guo
04:18 PM Revision 0f971c62: Revert "Test commit"
This reverts commit d2d61ecc68a436f01f7f85756ca0709399543268.
Test revert for demonstration purposes.
Yuyang Guo
04:16 PM Revision d2d61ecc: Test commit
Created a new file for demonstration purposes. Yuyang Guo


05:28 PM Revision 6aece861: Added kwoo's standalone charging schematic.
charging_test.sch is a standalone circuit schematic for a prototype to
test the charging circuit that will ultimately...
Abraham Levkoy

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