From 10/04/2011 to 11/02/2011


07:15 PM Revision 8c16f5aa: Started to add USB port to power board
Added USB port and USB-UART converter to power board schematic. I think
the converter has enough hooked up to it to r...
Abraham Levkoy
05:10 AM Revision 107d33d7: Shorted GND to BATT_GND in power schematic
Connected GND and BATT_GND to eachother using a 0 Ohm resistor. I want
to keep the signals separate to ease routing, ...
Abraham Levkoy
04:35 AM Revision 9f7d5c6f: Fixed ERC errors
Added some missing junctions and a missing label. Approved "no value"
warnings for parts for which a value would be n...
Abraham Levkoy
03:24 AM Revision f6a93a04: Started making kwoo's recommended changes
Made changes to charging circuit: Connected CLP to VIN on U1. Added
diodes to charge BOOST capacitor from battery and...
Abraham Levkoy


03:13 AM Revision aa3e7f85: Update prefixes and names for two parts
Updated prefixes for DS2786 and MP1702 in kwoo.lbr to U so that Eagle
won't use the default prefix, U$, for them. Als...
Abraham Levkoy


05:03 AM Revision 680676e5: Added pullup resistors and an LED to power test
Added pullup resistors for I2C connections to power test board. Also
added a diagnostic LED to indicate when the AVR ...
Abraham Levkoy
04:20 AM Revision 0d19b5ca: First draft of power testing circuit schematic
Fleshed out power testing circuit. It is still missing a few things, and
I don't understand every little bit of it, b...
Abraham Levkoy
11:59 PM Revision 94e948f2: Updated charging test circuit from kwoo library
Ran update command in charging_test.sch to update parts from kwoo.lbr. Abraham Levkoy
10:27 PM Revision acbd1e46: Updated kwoo.lbr with previous kwoo changes
A few months ago, Kevin sent me a new version of kwoo.lbr. Updated
kwoo.lbr with these changes (using the Eagle updat...
Abraham Levkoy
09:10 PM Revision 5a7bbf4c: fixing last 13 angle problem in drc
don't really know how to fix the last one.
worked on right bottom on both top layer and bottom layer
Yuyang Guo


10:19 AM Revision a433b5ff: solving some angle problems on scoutflu board
Yuyang Guo


05:32 PM Revision cf5c3070: Fixed some of the paths which are at unusual angles
Thomas Mullins
05:03 PM Revision ca0c1be9: fixing some of the angle problems in scoutfly.sch
Yuyang Guo
04:18 PM Revision 0f971c62: Revert "Test commit"
This reverts commit d2d61ecc68a436f01f7f85756ca0709399543268.
Test revert for demonstration purposes.
Yuyang Guo
04:16 PM Revision d2d61ecc: Test commit
Created a new file for demonstration purposes. Yuyang Guo


05:28 PM Revision 6aece861: Added kwoo's standalone charging schematic.
charging_test.sch is a standalone circuit schematic for a prototype to
test the charging circuit that will ultimately...
Abraham Levkoy

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