PCP Summer 2010 Project

Minimum Specifications

  • XX amps
    • Spec the current draw from our standard pneumatics and design around that?
  • YY volts (this should be low enough that it doesn't really matter)
    • 12 volts is the standard we should move to for all solenoids, motors, etc I think
  • 2 switches per board (probably ~1" square?)
    • Something I've been wondering, for most of our pneumatics we always have one on and one off, so why cant we just have one digital input, and invert it before sending to the other mosfet? It saves a pin on the arduino. I understand stuff like oldsnarebot would actually need two inputs, so maybe we could make a cool modular design? like, a spot for an inverter chip if we want that would tie one of the input pins relative to the other, but be an open circuit without the chip soldered on?
  • Label all of the pins!!!

Potential Hardware:

  • General Transistors vs MOSFETs?
    • I can make two versions; one for the TIP120 and one for the NPN transistor version (Nico)

Potential Manufacturers:

  • BatchPCB
    • I like BatchPCB because we have the time and it'll come out nicer
  • Barebones PCB


  • would be cool to break out a header for connecting sets in a strip (shared power sources)
  • needs (2) mounting holes, clearance for #4-40 (0.1066") would be good
  • could design a strip that can be cut off or broken up into individual elements, like [[]]