Gig Recap 11-20-2009

Great success! Need to fix a few instruments and make things more robust. Several failures (instrument and external) as the performance went on -- in the middle we only had a few instruments playing successfully. Xylobot and Snarebot are champs.

Good finish with B.Y.O.B. (previously untested)


  • Need to set up earlier (we were delayed by 45 minutes) and do level checks. A bad mic cable prevented Maestron from running.
  • Refine checklist, and follow it. We forgot to bring allen wrenches up.
  • Stage lights were never turned on.


  • Awesome support by robotics club members and friends. Had alumni and parents stop by to hear us as well.
  • We did some heavy advertising, and should continue that for our next gig.
  • The crowd was pretty pumped when we were doing testing -- need to keep that energy high throughout performance


  • This was decent, but it would be nice to have a separate (hand operated) camera, and one on a tripod.
    • The hand-cam should pan shots of the crowd when they're clapping, etc.
  • Video was a little dark -- see note in setup.

Air Compressors

  • Overheat after (X) minutes of operation.
    • We should have the big yellow compressor charged up (10 gallon tank) and ready in an emergency.
    • Also see about getting more air compressors/ those rated for higher duty cycle.


  • String needed replaced mid-concert because of fraying. We need auto-tuning circuit built in so tension to note value can be calibrated on demand, without a lengthy setup.
  • Stick motor came disconnected and had to be re-attached
  • Limit switch broke off
    • see about more robust method? New switch (all plastic) seems better than the bending metal setup prior.
  • Tension motor
    • Stops working periodically, perhaps overheating? Find documentation or get a better motor


  • Sounds very flat
    • Need to provide consistent air supply
    • Make sure fingers seal holes completely

Other Thoughts

  • Our percussion is pretty awesome
    • We should make a sweet drumline demo