• Meeting Times
    • Stick to Wed. 4:30?
    • How can these meetings be more productive?
      • do work right afterwards
      • have semi-regular large group work sessions
  • Subgroups
    • Organize by instrument or section?
    • Who is responsible for maintaining/modifying/upgrading instruments?
  • Small meetings
    • Did small meetings work?
      • Weekly deadlines good for design
      • Working needs larger chunks of time
    • when did stuff actually get done?
      • Assign small specific tasks, then get them done on your own time
    • how can design/build meetings be more productive?


  • Skibo
    • Good:
      • Percussion
    • Bad:
      • showmanship
      • preporation
      • technical AV stuff
    • specific Changes:
  • Waffle shop
    • Want us to perform at end of next semester
    • Should we go for it?
    • What are our goals for this gig?
    • What specifically should we do differently?


  • We have 6 now (+brass)
    • Upkeep - assign a person
    • Fix them
    • Finish them
  • New instruments
    • We have money to use now
    • Do it right
    • Ponder complementary instruments over break? Postpone decisions till January?


  • E-STOP
  • Possibility of independent instrument setups
    • Their own power/air
    • Wireless Xbee communication?


  • Interface? -stop. pause.
    • Text based, command line style
      • M3u playlist
    • Leave composition to external programs
  • Shift Queue to each instrument
    • Forethought for figner placement and string tension
    • Can work the physical delay into the program
  • standardize arduino communication libraries for easier programming.