What should be done by this meeting:

  • Rohan Aletty: We need one more of those communicatoin wires (5 in total) and a few more power wires. I'll talk to you if you show up to roboclub this evening. Also, if you can get breasticker or matt to lend us their amp so we can test whamolas pickup that would be super helpful.
  • Doug Bernstein: The two wooden triangles as they are now with the spacers are too unstable. You need to remake them so that the top is at the new height, but the bottom is flush with the steel tube. also, make sure you grab no more than 1/4 inch with the bolt so that we have 1/2" of the bolt sticking out the back.
  • Jon Boerner: keep working on brassbot unless something important and timely comes up
  • Jerry Carlson: Whamola needs your help mounting some limit switches. if you stop by the club, me or mike O can explain what needs done.
  • Katherine Coste & Laura SanBoeuf & Sandy: Could you each find or write a song with a steady baseline in it? there is a chance whamola might only be able to walk a preconfigured baseline and if thats the case we need a song that hides its limitations.
  • Dan Curhan: We have a part to make for the Whamola I would like your help with. Talk to me or Mike Ornstein about it.
  • Jay Kim: Finish the stand by the meeting wednesday. we need it done so that we can stop clamping whamola to things and have it stand up by itself
  • Mike Ornstein: Ive got the balloons, if you could work on getting flutophone's air done that would be ideal. we need that working before the meeting for sure. also, see if you can't hijack one of the old computer power supplies to power a compressor or two. try and finish the pneumatic system.
  • Nico Paris: if rohan gets an amp, help him set it up to take input form the whamola. we need to get some sort of amplificaiton on that asap.
  • Mike SandBothe: i need to talk to you about whamola's capabilities. a phone call or visit in the club would be ideal. also, make sure the stop and pause buttons work.
  • Patrick White: If jon doesn't need your help with brassbot, We have some limit switches on whamola that are only taped on, and we need to give them a permanent position and fix them for good. talk to me or Mike O about it.