SURG Update:

Spring SURG

  • Stefan gave us the $500!!!
  • Our roboclub account is now ~+$500
  • This mean, if your project needs to order something, this is how the process will work:
    • 1) You get together the vendor, part number, and costs for the item
    • 2) Email me (aburks@) that info, and a reason
    • 3) I forward the email to the Treasurer (Jimmy Bourne)
    • 4) Treasurer orders the parts, possibly with other projects stuff too (delaying order time occasionally)
    • 5) Our account is debited, and Jimmy gives us the parts when they arrive
  • If you need to rush deliver something, make that clear in the email


  • We applied in time!
  • Gannt chart made me realize that it will be hard.
  • The "research" element comes from a big push to LEMUR-style midi communication protocol
    • This bot will have to use that protocol
    • If it works, we will probably transition all our bots to MIDI (but expense the transition in the next spring SURG)
  • We need to model the vibraphone before summer
  • Design should all take place during summer
  • Jump right into vibratron construction as soon as school starts in fall
  • Come up with a better name than "Vibratron"?

Project Updates:


  • Status:
    • top tensioner is nearly good to go
      • a few screws are missing
      • a few bolts are missing
      • we need to gear on a pot
        • figure out the gears you will use, then use that to determine how many rotations you need in the pot.
    • Hitting mechanism on hold
    • picking mechanism: Dan C
      • Get a materials order in, sooner is better
      • Nico is looking for a machining project, if you have drawings he can do it in a class
    • Anyone who needs parts for this (bolts, metal, picks) place order with the new system NOW


  • Status:
    • needs finger repair
    • needs air check


  • Status:
    • mechanically re-done (thanks Jerry)
    • that one note just still wont work...
      • Mike S: which note? be sure.
      • Nico: ETA?
      • Throw the mega back in
      • combine nice pcb with vibra-order


  • Status:
    • parts out for water-laser cutting
    • dhsope out until after ASME competition


  • Power supplies
    • new ones need to be wired for walls
    • use the shit-ton of cords behind the ECE bench to steal plugs
    • quick and easy job
    • rohan? want to head up this project?



Performance Updates:

Mr Pantaleo

  • I told him about April 23rd, and he is checking (standardized tests might be in the way)


  • We were accepted without really applying
  • Now we need to return a form to verify that we are going
  • Yes or No? In our Out? Red pill or Blue pill? We need to decide NOW!!!
    • DECISION: Yes, In, Red
  • We will def. have a great:
    • xylophone
    • bass drum
    • snare drum
    • hi hat
  • compose for this constraint
  • add in fluto-section or wham-section if ready

Craig Ferguson

  • Roger Dannenberg (our advisor) says we can use McBlare if we want
  • Roger also really likes the idea of us working with Eric Singer (LEMUR)